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Who we are, what we do


Having helped to manage databases and database-related sites for others since about 1995, we thought it was time that we had our own web site out there, one that would be useful to the business and non-business user alike.


If you have been in the conference or exhibition business for a while, you may remember The Conference Database. The work that we put into that venture wasn't wasted; it forms the basis for what we have here.


So we checked out what else was available in the conference listings area (and the competition is stiff), and added a few of our own preferences, like market sectors and exhibitions. You’re looking at the result.


You can add your own events (we do our best to check that they are genuine before publication) or edit them; you can subscribe to email notifications for all new events listed, or filter them for only what you want; and you can search through what we already have listed, by country, date or sector.


It is our intention to slowly and carefully add other listing facilities to the site (such as maybe venues, translation services and more) as time goes on. The aim is to provide comprehensive listings of conferences, exhibitions and training events worldwide. It will take time to build to that, but a start has been made.


If you have suggestions to offer, please email us at the address below. And don’t hesitate about entering your events.


We would be more than happy to have mutual links with related sites, so if you think yours fits, use the same email address.


Thank you for using ConfexDB.


We can be contacted at:

72 Tottenham Lane
London N8 7EE
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)208 340 9131


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