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October 2017
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08  IBA Annual Conference 2017 (Conference), Sydney
10  eyeforpharma Sydney 2017 (Conference), Sydney
18  Digital Records and Information Management (Conference), Canberra
18  NT Major Projects (Conference), Darwin City
18  Northern Territories Major Projects 2017 (Conference), Wheelers Hill
24  ITS in Tertiary Education (Conference), Melbourne
24  School Learning Space Design (Conference), Essendon Fields
24  Boosting Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools (Conference), Essendon Fields
25  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and Transitions (Conference), Sydney
31  The Public Sector EA/PA Forum (Conference), Barton
06  Nephro Update Europe 2017 (Conference), Vienna
09  Middle East Fine and Specialty Chemicals (with Exhibition) (Conference), Manama
09  Middle East Process Engineering (MEPEC) 2017 (Conference), Manama
09  Middle East Process Safety Conference and Exhibition (MEPSC) 2017 (Conference), Manama
11  Leadership Excellence for Women Awards & Symposium (LEWAS) (Conference), Manama
11  RE-Source 2017 (Conference), Brussels
18  HRcoreACADEMY Forum (Conference), Brussels
18  Talent Trends Seminar (Conference), Brussels
18  Learning & Development 4.0 Seminar (Conference), Brussels
20  Busworld Europe (Exhibition), Kortrijk
23  Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 (Conference), Sao Paulo
25  Marine Money Brazil Offshore Finance Forum (Conference), Rio de Janeiro
01  Critical Care Canada Forum (Conference), Toronto
02  Dental Health (Conference), Candler
03  Seminar and Lunch: Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Explained (Conference), Windsor
04  Seminar and Lunch: Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Explained (Conference), London
05  Seminar and Lunch: Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Explained (Conference), Kitchener
11  Seminar and Lunch: Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Explained (Conference), Burlington
12  Seminar and Lunch: Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Explained (Conference), Oshawa
16  Emergency and Disaster Planning for Universities, Colleges and K-12 Schools (Conference), Toronto
18  Applied Microbiology (with Expo) (Conference), Toronto
18  Global Applied Microbiology (and Expo) (Conference), Ontario
18  Seminar and Lunch: Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Explained (Conference), Barrie
18  International Congress on Microbial & Biochemical Research and Technologies (Conference), Toronto
19  Seminar and Lunch: Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Explained (Conference), Sudbury
23  Cancer Biology and Therapeutics 2017 (Conference), Toronto
23  Nursing and Healthcare Congress (Conference), Toronto
23  Cancer Biology and Therapeutics (Conference), Toronto
23  Power of Water: Canada (and Tradeshow) 2017 (Exhibition), Niagara-on-the-Lake
25  Ortho 2017 (Conference), Toronto
25  Seminar and Lunch: Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Explained (Conference), Trenton
26  Surgery (Conference), Toronto
26  Seminar and Lunch: Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Explained (Conference), Ottawa
29  ACFE Fraud Conference 2017 (Conference), Toronto
30  Virology (Conference), Toronto
04  XXVI Congress of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (Conference), Santiago
21  Yiwu Fair: International Chinese Commodities Fair (Exhibition), Yiwu
22  China International Lighting Fair (Exhibition), Guzhen
24  Post and Parcel Services: Asia Pacific (Conference), Beijing
03  Latin America and Caribbean Assembly 2017 / Mexico Localisation Forum 2017 (Conference), Barranquilla Atlantico
Czech Republic
05  Intra-Articular Treatment (Conference), Prague
09  Nutrition and Diagnostics INDC 2017 (Conference), Prague
24  Air Missile Defence Technology (Conference), Prague
03  QS MBA Day (Conference), Cairo
23  ICEC (Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference) 2017 (Conference), Cairo
25  Ethiopia International Mining (& Exhibition) (Conference), Addis Ababa
05  Nordic Digital Business Summit 2017 (Conference), Helsinki
02  World Congress on Infectious and Rare Disease (Conference), Paris
02  World Congress on Infectious and Rare Diseases (Conference), Paris
02  Global Surgeons Meet (Conference), Paris
09  Radiology in the Basque Country (Training), Biarritz
11  Privacy and Data Protection Officers Summit Europe (Conference), Paris
18  Journees Nationales de la Societe Francaise de Medecine Perinatale (Conference), Lyon
26  Cosmetology, Trichology & Aesthetic Practices (Conference), Paris
02  ICIS Meeting and Annual Teaching Course (Training), Berlin
05  AllFacebook Marketing (Conference), Berlin
06  OmniaMed Kongress-Highlights Diabetologie Munchen (Conference), Munchen
07  OmniaMed Kongress-Highlights Diabetologie Berlin (Conference), Berlin
10  Pharma Marketing Summit-Digital Marketing & CEM (Conference), Berlin
10  NASH Summit Europe (Conference), Frankfurt
10  Pharma Commercial and SFE Summit (Conference), Berlin
18  OmniaMed-Update NEO (Conference), Dusseldorf
19  Women in Tech Event (Conference), Berlin
24  DKOU 2017 - German Congress of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery (Conference), Berlin
24  European Pharma Market Research (Conference), Dusseldorf
24  Broadband World Forum (Conference), Berlin
16  Euro Congress and Expo on Dental & Oral Health (Conference), Budapest
16  Euro Congress and Expo on Dental & Oral Health (Conference), Budapest
16  Euro Congress and Expo on Dental & Oral Health (Conference), Budapest
16  World Pharma Congress (Conference), Budapest
16  Euro Congress and Expo on Dental & Oral Health (Conference), Budapest
05  INDEX Indonesia (Conference), Jakarta
10  ASIA-TECH 2017: Asia Downstream Technology Forum (Conference), Bali
11  ASIA-CAT 2017: Asia Catalyst Technology (Conference), Bali
05  Brain Monitoring and Neuroprotection in the Newborn (Conference), Killarney
11  EUROSPINE 2017 (Conference), Dublin
16  ISTQB® Foundation Exam and Training Course (CTFL) (Training), Dublin
17  BioProduction Congress (Conference), Dublin
23  Ireland International Conference on Education (IICE-2017) (Conference), Dublin
15  Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology (APCST) 2017 (Conference), Tel Aviv
15  Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society (MUSoc2017) (Conference), Tel Aviv
16  IDSS Sport and Arrhythmia 2017 (Conference), Tel Aviv
22  International Meeting on Comprehensive Approaches in Stroke Treatment (Conference), Tel Aviv
02  Ophthalmology (Conference), Rome
15  Congress on Innovations in Coronary Artery Disease - ICCAD (Conference), Venice
16  Global Surgeons Meeting on Craniofacial Surgery (Conference), Rome
16  Craniofacial Surgery (Conference), Rome
19  25th World Cancer Conference (Conference), Rome
31  jENS: Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies (Conference), Venice
12  Analytical and Separation Techniques (Conference), Osaka
12  International Meeting on Women's Health and Breast Cancer (Conference), Osaka
12  Traditional and Alternative Medicine (Conference), Osaka
12  Traditional and Alternative Medicine (Conference), Osaka
12  Traditional and Alternative Medicine (Conference), Osaka
16  Global Neuroscience Conference (Conference), Osaka
16  Counseling Psychology (Conference), Osaka
18  World Medical Nanotechnology Congress (Conference), Osaka
18  Medical Nanotechnology Congress & Expo (Conference), Osaka
18  World Medical Nanotechnology Congress 2017 (Conference), Osaka
23  Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Conference), Osaka
23  Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Conference), Osaka
26  Asia-Pacific Dental and Oral Care Congress (Conference), Osaka
26  World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer (CoBrCa) (Conference), Tokyo
26  Asia-Pacific Dental and Oral Care Congress (Conference), Osaka
26  Asia-Pacific Dermatology (Conference), Osaka
15  Oil and Gas Show (and Conference) (Exhibition), Kuwait City
23  ASEAN Power Grid Summit 2017 (Conference), Vientiane
05  QS MBA and Masters Day (Conference), Beirut
02  Dieticians and Nutritionists Annual Meeting (Exhibition), Kuala Lumpur
02  Medicinal Plants and Natural Products Research (Conference), Kuala Lumpur
09  East and Southern Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness (Conference), Maputo
27  Information System Modelling and ICT System Security ( ICISMISS 2017 ) (Conference), Kathmandu
11  Cloud Master (CloudMASTER®) (Training), Utrecht
04  Certified Cost Professional (CCP) (Training), Rotterdam
04  Certified Cost Technician (CCT) (Training), Rotterdam
09  Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2017 (Exhibition), Amsterdam
09  Dredging Today 2017 (Conference), Amsterdam
09  Offshore Wind 2017 (Conference), Amsterdam
09  ISO 31000 Risk Management (Training), Amsterdam
10  International SAP for Professional Services (Conference), Amsterdam
10  Connected Logistics in Cargo (Conference), Amsterdam
10  Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Amsterdam
10  European VoIP Summit 2017 (Conference), Amsterdam
12  Smart Workspace Design Summit (Conference), Amsterdam
12  Management Accounting (Conference), Amsterdam
17  Master in Cyber Security (Training), Amsterdam
17  Cyber Security-Threat Detection (Training), Online
23  Cyber Security First Responder (CFR) (Training), Utrecht
25  AgriBusiness Tradeshow (& Conference) (Exhibition), Abuja
30  Datacloud Nordic 2017 (Conference), Oslo
11  Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Social Media (CSCESM2017) (Conference), Las Piñas, Manila
11  Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering and their Applications (EECEA2017) (Conference), Las Piñas
03  Property Portal Watch 2017 (Conference), Lisbon
09  Vaccines for Enteric Diseases (Conference), Albufeira
24  District Cooling and Heating (Conference), Doha
25  InterCHARM Global Beauty Event (Conference), Moscow
Saudi Arabia
24  Smart Parking KSA (Conference), Jeddah
05  Senegal International Habitat & Home Exhibition (& Conference) (Exhibition), Dakar
10  Senegal International Habitat and Home Exhibition (with Conference) (Exhibition), Dakar
06  Trends in Medical Mycology (Conference), Belgrade
30  Malaysia Property Show September 2017 (Exhibition), Singapore
09  Urban Planning and Property Development (Conference), Singapore
09  Journalism and Mass Communication (Conference), Singapore
09  Computer Science Education: Innovation and Techonology (Conference), Singapore
10  Asia Pacific and Middle East Bitumen 2017 (Conference), Singapore
10  Energy Storage Reality Check (Training), Singapore
17  Information, Knowledge Management and Big Data Computing ( ICIKMBDC 2017 ) (Conference), Singapore
25  Millennial 20/20 Asia (Exhibition), Singapore
25  Asian Downstream Summit 2017 (Conference), Singapore
25  ITB Asia 2017 (Exhibition), Singapore
19  Space Strategy for Europe (Conference), Bratislava
12  European Academy of Paediatrics Congress and MasterCourse 2017 (EAP 2017) (Conference), Ljubljana
South Africa
09  International Gas Cooperation Summit (IGCS) (Conference), Durban
03  Optimizing Contact Centres Summit (Conference), Barcelona
03  Customer Experience Management Summit (Conference), Barcelona
09  Exchange Summit (Conference), Barcelona
10  World Veterinary Vaccine Congress (Conference), Barcelona
10  World Vaccine Congress 2017 (Conference), Barcelona
10  Immune Profiling World Congress (Conference), Barcelona
16  Mediterranean Resort and Hotel Real Estate Forum (Conference), Tarragona
19  Working Capital, Treasury and Cash Management (Conference), Barcelona
28  United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Week (Conference), Barcelona
Sri Lanka
10  Global Education and e-Learning (GLOBED 2017) (Conference), Colombo
10  Futures of Media (Conference), Colombo
17  Hospitality and Tourism Management 2017 (Conference), Colombo
24  Food Quality, Safety and Security (Conference), Colombo
04  Life Science Pricing Forum 2017 (Conference), Montreux
25  Value, Access and Regulatory Strategy Workshop (Conference), Basel
31  European Antibody Congress (Conference), Basel
31  World Biosimilar Congress 2017 (Conference), Basel
31  World Immunotherapy Congress 2017 (Conference), Basel
United Arab Emirates
29  QS MBA and Masters Day (Conference), Dubai
01  Management, Engineering, Science & Technology 2017 (ICMEST 2017) (Conference), Dubai
01  Modern Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology 2017 (ICMTSET 2017) (Conference), Dubai
02  Future Drainage & Stormwater Networks (Conference), Dubai
04  Management, Engineering and Science 2017 (IRCMES 2017) (Conference), Dubai
04  Engineering, Science, Business and Management 2017 (ICESBM 2017) (Conference), Dubai
05  Laboratory and Diagnostics Congress (Conference), Dubai
05  Clinical Conference & AACE Annual Gulf Chapter Meeting (Conference), Dubai
05  Dermatology and Aesthetics (Conference), Abu Dhabi
05  UAE Cancer Congress (Conference), Dubai
07  Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry (Training), Dubai
08  Future Accessibility & Assistive Technology 2017 (Conference), Dubai
09  Engineering Geophysics (Conference), Al Ain
09  Global Experts Meeting On Cell and Gene Therapy (Conference), Dubai
12  Oncology (Conference), Abu Dhabi
12  MENA Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress (Conference), Dubai
15  Social Sciences, Humanities, Economics and Education (ICSHEE 2017) (Conference), Dubai
15  Applied Science, Management and Technology 2017 (ICASMT 2017) (Conference), Dubai
16  Climate Change and Global Warming (Conference), Dubai
16  World Congress on Healthcare and Medical Tourism (Conference), Dubai
16  Asia Pacific Rheumatology APLAR Congress (Conference), Dubai
16  Security and Risk Management Summit 2017 (Conference), Dubai
17  Light Middle East (Conference), Dubai
17  Strategic HR MENA Summit (Conference), Dubai
18  Rhinology and Otology (Conference), Dubai
19  Emirates Cardiac Society (Conference), Dubai
19  Middle East Healthcare Information Summit (Conference), Abu Dhabi
19  GCC Pharmacy Congress (Conference), Dubai
24  Government and Enterprise Asset Management Congress (Conference), Dubai
24  Middle East Healthcare Informatics Summit (Conference), Dubai
25  Smart Business Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
25  International Franchise Exhibition 2017 (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
25  Women In Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum (Conference), Dubai
25  India Trade Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
26  Addiction Medicine New Frontier - ISAM 2017 (Conference), Abu Dhabi
26  Paediatric Neurology Congress (Conference), Dubai
26  Nutrition 2017 (Conference), Dubai
27  Asthma and COPD Forum (Conference), Dubai
31  Gulfood Manufacturing (Exhibition), Dubai
31  Healthcare Investment MENA (Conference), Dubai
United Kingdom
04  Foundation Course in UX&UCD (Training), London
30  EASL-AASLD Joint Meeting on Alcoholic Liver Disease and Alcoholic Hepatitis (Conference), London
02  Leaders Week - Sport Business (Conference), London
02  Excellence in Pharmacovigilance: Clinical Trials and Post-Marketing (Training), London
02  Psychosomatic Medicine and Emotional Disorders (Conference), London
02  Probiotics, Functional and Baby Foods (Conference), London
03  Information Management Fundamentals (Training), London
03  Innovations in Food Packaging, Shelf Life and Food Safety (Conference), Munich
03  Strategic, Win-Win Corporate Charity Partnerships (Conference), London
03  GDPR Latest Update and Live Q&A Webinar (Webinar), This is an online event
03  Role of the Managing Director (Training), London
03  RCN Bulletin Jobs Fair (Conference), London
03  Optimizing Clinical Trials Summit: Site Selection, Feasibility and Patient Recruitment (Conference), London
03  Grow With Facebook Advertising (Conference), Holywood
04  Introduction to Oncology and Cancer Treatment (Training), London
04  European Forum for Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) (Conference), London
04  Strategic Merger and Acquisition (Conference), Horley
04  The Future of E-Commerce Delivery 2017 (Conference), London
05  Insurance Risk Europe (Conference), London
05  Privacy and Security Europe 2017 (Conference), London
05  The Interplay between Pain and Behavioural Medicine (Training), Chester
05  RegTech Summit for Capital Markets (Conference), London
05  Internet Retailing 2017 (Conference), London
05  Designing, Operating and Managing an Enterprise Data Lake (Training), London
07  Systemic Constellations Workshop (Conference), London
09  FIPP World Congress (Conference), London
09  Insurance AI and Analytics Europe 2017 (Conference), London
09  Climate Change 2017 (Conference), London
09  Business-Oriented Data Modelling (Training), London
09  HVET 2017: High Voltage Engineering and Testing (Conference), Manchester
10  Learning Disability (Conference), Manchester
10  International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender Studies and the Status of Women (Conference), Edinburgh
10  Gender Studies and the Status of Women (Conference), Edinburgh
10  Biodetection and Biosensors (Conference), Cambridge
10  Engaging Youth – Hot Trends & Insights (Conference), London
10  Advanced Negotiation (Training), London
10  Haematological Malignancies (Training), London
10  Online and Digital Summit 2017 (Conference), London
11  The Annual Hotel Conference (Conference), Manchester
11  Advanced Data Modelling: Communication, Consistency, and Complexity (Training), London
11  Data Driven Business (Conference), London
11  Digital Pharma Multichannel Marketing Boot Camp Europe (Training), London
11  Military Flight Training 2017 (Conference), London
11  Business Showcase South West (Conference), Bristol
11  Risk Management Plan Summit (Conference), London
11  Pharmaceutical Pricing and Market Access (Conference), London
12  UK Bioscience Forum and Autumn Reception (Conference), London
12  NPD Food & Drink Trends & Innovations (Conference), London
12  The Future of Lead Generation (Webinar), This is an online event
13  Shaping a Digital World (Conference), London
14  Joey Yap's Feng Shui and Astrology 2018 (Conference), London
16  InsurTech Rising (Conference), London
16  Enterprise Architecture and BPM Europe 2017 (Conference), London
16  Cardiology (Conference), Budapest
16  Obesity 2017 (CME & CPD Accredited) (Conference), London
16  Cardiology (Conference), Budapest
16  Cardiology & Rheumatic 2017 (CME & CPD Accredited) (Conference), London
16  The Belt and Road (Conference), London
16  Nursing & Midwifery 2017 (CME & CPD Acrredited) (Conference), Londo
16  European Trial Master File Summit (Conference), London
16  Enterprise Architecture and BPM Europe 2017 (Conference), London
16  Responsible Business Awards 2017 (Conference), London
17  Bioprinting and 3D Printing in the Life Sciences (Conference), Cambridge
17  Chairing Meetings Effectively (Training), London
17  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) training (Training), London
17  Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit (Conference), London
18  Modelling in Nuclear Science and Engineering (Conference), Manchester
18  Vehicle Ride and Handling (Conference), Birmingham
18  Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases (Conference), London
19  Patient Summit Europe (Conference), London
19  British Farming Awards (Conference), Birmingham
21  Gospel Summit 2017 (Conference), Ilford
22  BPM PRO DJ and Studio, Sound and Lighting Event (Conference), Birmingham
23  Ophthalmology 2017 (Conference), London
23  Surgery 2017 (CME & CPD Accredited) (Conference), London
23  Medical Technology 2017 (CME & CPD Accredited) (Conference), London
23  From National to Universal; The UK contribution to Global Health (Conference), London
24  Connected Claims Europe 2017 (Conference), London
25  Airborne ISR 2017 (Conference), London
25  Symposium on Clinical Pain Trials in Europe (Conference), London
25  European Smart Homes 2017 (Conference), London
26  Immunology 2017(CME & CPD accredited) (Conference), London
26  Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Meeting 2017 (Conference), London
26  Stem Cells 2017 (CME & CPD Accredited) (Conference), London
26  Geological Society - Ground Related Risk to Transportation Infrastructure (Conference), London
27  MCM London Comic Con (Conference), London
28  CoreFitFest Live! 2017 (Conference), London
30  Animal Microbiome Congress (Conference), London
30  World Congress on Targeting Metabesity 2017 (Conference), London
31  Electronic Records Management (ERM) training (Training), London
31  Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders Europe (Conference), London
31  Incorporating Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL in BI Systems and Data Warehouses (Training), London
31  Data Driven Production North Sea (Conference), Aberdeen
31  The Blockchain Summit (Conference), London
06  Comprehensive Neurotoxin Course for Neurological Conditions (Training), Cleveland
12  MBSR: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Conference), Irvington
28  Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH) (Conference), Garden Grove, CA
01  Advancing Tissue Engineered Valves to Clinical Practice (Conference), Rochester
01  Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 (Conference), Orlando
02  Stainless Steel Scrap and Award Gala 2017 (Conference), Chicago
02  World Best Cloud and IoT (Conference), Las Vegas
02  Business Meet on Cloud and Internet of Things (Conference), Las Vegas
02  North American Steel 2017 (Conference), Chicago
02  Establishing the Mentor - Mentee Relationship in your Organization (Webinar), Fremont
02  Nuclear Decommissioning and Used Fuel Strategy Summit (Conference), Charlotte, NC
02  Chief Analytics Officer, Fall (Conference), Boston
02  Sensors Midwest (Conference), Rosemont, IL
03  Small Business Expo 2017 - Austin (Exhibition), Austin
03  How to Document Employee Discussions and Why that is Important (Webinar), Fremont
03  Digital Pharma East (Conference), Philadelphia
03  Managing Risks under HIPAA - HITECH (Webinar), Fremont
03  Festival of Genomics (Conference), Boston
04  Cardiometabolic Health Congress (Conference), Boston, MA
04  Understanding Your Profit & Loss Statement and EBIT/EBITDA (Webinar), Aurora
05  Time Management (Webinar), Fremont
05  Coastal Dermatology Symposium (Conference), Portland, OR
05  Pediatric Oncology and Pediatric Medicine (Conference), Las Vegas
05  Dentistry Marketing (Conference), Las Vegas, NV
05  B2B Marketing 2017: Forum For B2B Marketing And Sales Enablement Leaders (Conference), Austin
05  Buy-side Technology North America 2017 (Conference), New York
06  The Genetics of Heart and Vascular Disease (Training), Charleston, SC
06  Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management (Webinar), Fremont
06  Acute and Chronic Leukemias 2017 (Training), Las Vegas
06  Weight Symposium (Conference), Boston
07  Breast Imaging Review (Training), Minneapolis, MN
07  North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging (NASCI) (Training), San Antonio
07  Infinity Investment Workshop (Conference), New Orleans
07  Real World Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Dilemmas and Discussion (Training), Minneapolis
08  Annual Meeting of International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (Conference), Denver
08  Echocardiography in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Symposium (Training), Rochester
09  California Carbon & LCFS Summit (Conference), Napa
09  The Folio: Show (Conference), New York
10  New Stark Rules For Structuring and Auditing Physician Contracts (Webinar), Fremont
10  Strategies for Effective Leadership (Webinar), Fremont
10  HR Technology (and Exposition) (Conference), Las Vegas, NV
10  Dermatology Drug Development Summit (Conference), Boston
11  Metabolic and Endocrine Disease Summit (MEDS East) (Conference), Orlando
11  CECL 2017 Congress Risk Management (Conference), New York
11  Clinical Quality Oversight Forum (Conference), Philadelphia
12  Breast Imaging from A to Z: How to Read Like (or Better Than!) the Experts (Training), Las Vegas, NV
12  Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (Conference), Washington, DC
12  Five Easy Steps for Creating a Millennial Friendly Work Environment (Webinar), Fremont
12  Talent Management: How Smart Companies Engage and Retain Their Millennial Workforce (Webinar), Aurora
12  National Family Medicine Board Review Course (Conference), Arlington, VA
13  SDEF Womens & Pediatric Dermatology Seminar (Conference), Newport Beach
16  World Congress & Expo on Dental Medicine & Dentistry (Conference), New York
16  Technology Transfer for Biologics (Conference), Boston
16  Promotional Review Committee Compliance & Best Practices (Conference), Florham Park
16  Primary Care CME Fall (Conference), Lahaina, Maui, HI
16  Annual Summit on Clinical Pediatrics and Cardiology (Conference), New York
16  World Congress on Breast Cancer 2017 (Conference), San Francisco, CA
16  World Congress on Breast Cancer 2017 (Conference), San Francisco
16  Excel - Creating a KPI Dashboard for HR Professionals (Webinar), Aurora
16  World Congress & Expo on Dental Medicine & Dentistry (Exhibition), New York
17  Introduction to Cancer: Focus on Solid Tumors (Training), Newark
17  LEAP HR: Hospitality (Conference), Orlando
17  2017 HIPAA Changes and Beyond (Webinar), Fremont
17  LEAP HR: Manufacturing (Conference), Cleveland
18  Biomarkers & Clinical Research (Conference), Baltimore, MD
18  Biomarkers & Clinical Research (Conference), Baltimore, MD
18  World Congress on Cancer Science and Therapy (Conference), Baltimore, MD
18  Cyber Security 2017 (Conference), Chicago
18  Obstetrics and Gynecology Update CME: What Does the Evidence Tell Us? (Training), San Francisco
18  World Congress on Cancer Science and Therapy (Conference), Baltimore
19  DMC Optimization Summit (Conference), Philadelphia
19  Operational and Enterprise Risk Management Congress (Conference), New York
19  PODD: Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery 2017 (Conference), Boston
19  Immuno-Oncology: An Introductory Overview (Training), Newark
19  Incisional Hernia Prevention (Conference), San Francisco
19  Updates in Internal Medicine 2017 (Training), Lake Buena Vista
19  Small Business Expo 2017 - Houston (Conference), Houston
19  World Congress on Radiology & Oncology (Conference), New York
19  What's New in Onboarding (Webinar), Fremont
19  CXSF 2017: Forum For Customer Experience Leaders, Innovators (Conference), San Francisco
19  Innovative Techniques: Knee, Hip, and Shoulder Course (Training), Las Vegas
19  Real Estate Investors Retreat (Conference), Koloa
20  Sexual Health Symposium (Training), West Palm Beach
20  Practical Management of Acute Stroke: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Training), Independence, OH
20  Pellet Therapy (Conference), West Palm Beach
21  The Medicine of Energy: Biofields and Cellular Regeneration (Conference), West Palm Beach
22  Geological Society of America Annual Meeting & Exposition (GSA 2017) (Conference), Seattle, WA
22  Joey Yap's Feng Shui and Astrology 2018 (Conference), New York
22  The Market Research Event (Conference), Orlando, FL
22  Fuel Oil and Feedstock Summit (Conference), Miami Beach
22  Ryan's Notes Ferroalloys 2017 (Conference), Scottsdale, AZ
23  Latin American Retail-Insurance Summit 2017 (Conference), Miami, FL
23  Tanks, Valves, and Piping (and Expo) 2017 (Conference), Seattle
23  SMPTE 2017 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (Conference), Hollywood
23  Summit on Sustainable Energies (Conference), Orlando, FL
23  Clinical Reviews (Training), Rochester, MN
23  Back End of Innovation (Conference), Orlando, FL
24  Time Management Strategies,Tips and Tricks (Webinar), Fremont
24  Patient Recruitment & Retention Summit (Conference), Boston
24  ARM TechCon (Conference), Santa Clara
24  Supply Chain Logistics Forum (Conference), Houston
24  Automotive Cost Engineering 2017 (Conference), Detroit
24  MGF 2017 (Conference), Seattle, WA
24  Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance America Summit 2017 (Conference), Boston
24  Marketing Summit 2017 (Conference), New York
24  Hematologic Cancers: An Introduction (Training), New Jersey
24  Engine Expo USA 2017 (Exhibition), Novi
25  Cases in Echocardiography, CT, and MRI (Training), Napa
25  Chief Learning Officer Forum (Conference), Boston
25  US Biogas 2017 (Conference), San Diego
25  Stoller: Current Issues of MRI in Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine (Conference), Las Vegas, NV
25  How to Change Your Leadership Style (Webinar), Fremont
26  Small Business Expo 2017 - Tampa (Conference), Tampa
26  Strategic Partnerships for Drug Repurposing Forum (Conference), Boston
26  Structuring and Auditing Physician Recruitment Arrangements: Key Stark Law Considerations (Webinar), Fremont
26  Microsurgical Approaches to Aneurysms and Skull Base Diseases 2017 (Conference), Jacksonville
26  SERENDIPITY: The Networking Unconference For Women (Conference), San Francisco
26  Neglected Tropical Diseases Forum (Conference), Boston
26  American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting (Conference), Boston
26  Lymphoma and Myeloma 2017 (Conference), New York
26  HIPAA Enforcement Activity - Learning from the Mistakes of Others (Webinar), Fremont
26  Priority Review Voucher Summit (Conference), Boston
27  Clinical Autonomic Quantitation Workshop (Training), Rochester, MN
27  Equity and Inclusion in Healthcare (Training), Rochester
27  Current Concepts in the Management of the Adult ECMO Patient (Training), Jacksonville
27  Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine for the Primary Care Provider (Conference), San Diego, CA
28  Psychopharmacology Update (Conference), Cincinnati
28  Organic Beauty and Wellness Festival (Conference), Boca Raton
29  Predictive Analytics World for Business 2017 (Conference), New York City
29  Predictive Analytics World for Business, Financial Services and Healthcare (Conference), New York City
29  eMetrics Summit 2017 (Conference), New York
30  American Manufacturing Strategies Summit (Conference), San Diego, CA
30  3rd Annual Congress on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs (Conference), San Antonio
30  Neuroradiology 2017 (Conference), San Antonio
30  Advanced Body MRI (Training), Lake Buena Vista
30  Lean Startup Week (Conference), San Francisco
30  Oncology and Cancer Therapeutics (Conference), Chicago
31  Big Data in Precision Medicine (Conference), Washington
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