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November 2017
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31  The Organisational Open Garden: Internal Comms and Employee Engagement (Conference), Sydney
31  The Public Sector EA/PA Forum (Conference), Barton
01  The Next Phase of Aged Care Reform (Conference), Sydney
01  Chief Customer Officer (Conference), Sydney
08  Colloquium on Biotechnology & Industrial Revolution (Conference), Brisbane
09  Precious Metals Investment Symposium 2017 (Conference), Melbourne
13  Global Experts Meeting on Diabetes and Endocrinology (Conference), Melbourne
13  Women in Pharma and Medical Leadership Summit 2017 (Conference), Pyrmont
14  How to be a Superwoman: Boosting Financial Literacy and Confidence (Conference), Southbank
14  NSW Major Projects 2017 (Conference), Sydney
16  World Cancer Meeting (Conference), Melbourne
18  Advanced Research (ICAR-Nov 2017) (Conference), Melbourne
20  Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology (Conference), Melbourne
20  APS 5-6 High Performance and Leadership 2017 (Conference), Canberra
20  Women in Marketing Leadership Summit 2017 (Conference), Sydney
21  New Approaches to Legislative Reform (Conference), Braddon
21  Planning and Delivering Hospital Redevelopment (Conference), Sydney
22  Public Sector Women in Leadership (Conference), Canberra
22  Business Improvement in Local Government (Conference), Sydney
27  Colloquium on Dentistry & Oral Medicine (Conference), Brisbane
28  Advancing Public Sector Data Analytics (Conference), Sydney
28  VIC Major Projects (Conference), Victoria
29  Australian Utility Week 2017 (Conference), Melbourne
29  Planning, Funding and Delivering Community Infrastructure (Conference), Melbourne
04  ESGO 2017 Congress (Conference), Vienna
06  Restorative & Alternative Medicine (Conference), Vienna
06  Congress on Restorative & Alternative Medicine (Conference), Vienna
06  Congress on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Conference), Vienna
09  World Hematology and Oncology Congress (Conference), Vienna
09  European Biopharma Congress (Conference), Vienna
09  World Hematology and Oncology Congress (Conference), Vienna
09  World Hematology and Oncology Congress (Conference), Vienna
09  World Hematology and Oncology Congress (Conference), Vienna
13  Petroleum Geology and Petroleum Industry (Conference), Vienna
16  World Congress and Exhibition on Vaccines, Vaccination and Immunization (Conference), Vienna
21  Computer Science and Technology ( ICCST 2017 ) (Conference), Vienna
30  World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility (Conference), Vienna
01  Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition (Conference), Baku
01  Gulf Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (GCCMID 2017) (Conference), Manama
07  Public Sector Transformation (Conference), Brussels
09  Hot Topic: Obesity and Reproduction - The Cradle of Epidemic (Conference), Leuven
14  Clinical NGS Data Analysis Workshop 2017 (Training), Brussels
23  European Cyber Security (Conference), Brussels
23  Fluid Academy Days (IFAD) (Conference), Antwerp
29  European Base Oils & Lubricants Interactive Summit (Conference), Antwerp
29  PEFTEC (Conference), Antwerp
29  Global and European Pricing Forum 2017 (Conference), Brussels
30  European Retail Day (Conference), Brussels
29  ACFE Fraud Conference 2017 (Conference), Toronto
01  WorkTech17 (Conference), Toronto
17  Toronto World Leadership Forum (Conference), Toronto
01  Optical Fibre and Cable 2017 (Conference), Wuhan
Czech Republic
14  Railway Interiors Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Prague
22  Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids (Conference), Prague
06  The Future of Nordic Banking (Conference), Copenhagen
08  European Biomass to Power 2017 (Conference), Aarhus
07  Workshop: Future Evolution of Marine Communication (Conference), Sophia Antipolis
09  Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture (Conference), Paris
13  Bioinformatics (Conference), Paris
16  Eurochemical Engineering 2017 (Conference), Paris
27  Computer Science, Engineering and Applied Science ( ICCSEAS 2017 ) (Conference), Paris
06  BIO-Europe 2017 (Conference), Berlin
08  SAE Engine and Materials Convergence (Conference), Wiesbaden
13  CRISPR Congress Europe (Conference), Berlin
13  Sustainable Innovation Forum 2017 (Conference), Bonn
13  Data Driven Business (Conference), Berlin
14  ICI Europe Summit (Conference), Munich
15  Professional Motorsport World Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Cologne
20  Data and Analytics Summit (Conference), Frankfurt
27  European Manufacturing Strategies Summit (Conference), Berlin
27  World Congress on Clinical Trials in Diabetes 2017 (Conference), Berlin
27  Supply Chain Management Strategies Summit (Conference), Berlin
28  European Bioplastics 2017 (Conference), Berlin
13  European Food Safety & Standards (Conference), Athens
13  ERTC Annual Meeting (Conference), Athens
13  Global Petrochemicals Summit 2017 (Conference), Athens
13  European Food Safety & Standards (Conference), Athens
13  European Food Safety & Standards (Conference), Athens
13  World Congress on Chemistry (Conference), Athens
13  GPS - Global Petrochemicals Summit (Conference), Athens
16  ERTC: Energy Efficiency (Conference), Athens
08  Real Estate Management 2017 (Conference), Budapest
09  The Landscape of Genetic Variants in Asian Founder Populations (Conference), Kochi
10  Security Architecture (Conference), Bangalore
13  Symposium/ITxpo 2017 (Conference), Bambolim
18  Sea the Stars - Science Week at EPIC (Conference), Dublin
13  IEEE COMCAS 2017 - Microwaves, Communications, Antennas, Electronic Systems (Conference), Tel Aviv
31  jENS: Congress of joint European Neonatal Societies (Conference), Venice
09  NAFLD Summit: Diagnosis and pharmacotherapy of NASH (Conference), Rome
11  Human Aspects of Software Engineering and Electro Information Technology ( ICHASEEIT 2017 ) (Conference), Rome
13  Biotechnology 2017 (Conference), Osaka
25  World Cultural Tourism (Conference), Tokyo
21  Middle East Regulatory Conference (Conference), Kuwait City
14  Utility Scale Solar Summit (Conference), Beirut
13  The Future of Materials Summit (Conference), Luxembourg
28  Global Waste Management 2017 (Conference), Kuala Lumpur
07  Plastimagen Mexico 2017 (Conference), Mexico City
26  LACA 2017: 5th Latin American Congress on Autoimmunity (Conference), Cancun
29  Morocco: Gas Options (Conference), Marrakech
16  ASEAN Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Congress (Conference), Yangon
11  Cloud Master (CloudMASTER®) (Training), Utrecht
02  Future of Recruitment 2017 (Conference), Amsterdam
06   Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) (Training), Utrecht
13   Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) (Training), Amsterdam
14  World Rail Festival (Conference), Amsterdam
15  ISO 31000 Risk Management (Training), Utrecht
16  Leadership & Development Summit (Conference), Amsterdam
16  The Connected Customer: Utilities (Conference), Amsterdam
16  Corporate L&D Summit (Conference), Amsterdam
22  Benelux Infrastructure Forum (Conference), Amsterdam
22  R&D of Agri Products (Conference), Amsterdam
22  Agrochemical Formulation and Technology Congress (Conference), Amsterdam
27  Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) (Training), Den Bosch
27  Data Science for non-Data Scientists (Training), Amsterdam
27  SABSA Foundation (Training), Amsterdam
28  Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe (Conference), Amsterdam
28  Certified Information Professional (CIP) (Conference), London
28  WindEurope (& Conference) 2017 (Exhibition), Amsterdam
New Zealand
28  Chief Data and Analytics Officer 2017 (Conference), Auckland
21  Agra Innovate West Africa (Conference), Lagos
06  Water and Wastewater (Conference), Muscat
10  National Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgeons Conference (Conference), Muscat
21  Silicon Market Forum 2017 (Conference), Lisbon
13  INDEX Qatar (Exhibition), Doha
07  AORTIC 2017 - Cancer in Africa (Conference), Kigali
Saudi Arabia
15  MENA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Congress (Conference), Jeddah
16  Advancing Excellence in Dental Education (Conference), Riyadh
21  Saudi Pediatric Endocrinology Group (SPEG) (Conference), Jeddah
07  Field Service Asia (Conference), Singapore
13  Cardiology Congress (Conference), Singapore
13  Cardiology Congress (Conference), Singapore
14  LPG and Petrochemical Feedstocks 2017 (Conference), Singapore
16  World Synthetic Biology and Genetic Engineering Conference (Conference), Singapore
27  Philosophy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Conference), Singapore
27  Contemporary Cultural Studies (Conference), Singapore
27  Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Conference), Singapore
South Africa
07  AfricaCom: The Largest African Telecoms, Media and Technology Conference (Conference), Cape Town
23  Africa Public Private Partnership (APPP) (Conference), Cape Town
28  SAPHEX 2017 (Conference), Sandton
28  United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Week (Conference), Barcelona
05  Symposium/ITxpo (Conference), Barcelona
07  HR Excellence Summit (Conference), Barcelona
13  OmniShopper International (Conference), Barcelona
13  Food Science and Technology Challenges for the 21st Century (Conference), Sitges
15  European Medical Information and Communications (Conference), Barcelona
16  Mental Health Services and Revaluation in Psychotherapy ( ICMHSRP 2017 (Conference), Barcelona
16  Twins Congress (Conference), Madrid
21  Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) 2017 (Conference), Seville
28  Military Airlift and Air-to-Air Refuelling (Conference), Madrid
29  World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology (Conference), Madrid
Sri Lanka
06  Nutritional and Genetic Epidemiology 2017 (Conference), Colombo
12  Global Congress for Consensus in Paediatrics and Child Health (CIP2017) (Conference), Colombo
01  Suriname International Mining, Energy & Petroleum (& Exhibition) (Conference), Paramaribo
01  SURIMEP (Conference), Paramaribo
21  Mining, Energy & Petroleum (& Exhibition) (Conference), Paramaribo
07  NGS Data Analysis Workshop - Genomic Medicine 2017 Nordic (Conference), Lund
08  Genomic Medicine 2017 Nordic (Conference), Lund
15  Natural Products Scandinavia Exhibition (and Conference) 2017 (Exhibition), Malmo
15  The Nordic Organic Food Fair Exhibition (and Conference) 2017 (Exhibition), Malmo
31  World Immunotherapy Congress 2017 (Conference), Basel
31  European Antibody Congress (Conference), Basel
31  World Biosimilar Congress 2017 (Conference), Basel
24  Computational Physics, Mathematics and Applications ( ICCPMA 2017 ) (Conference), Zurich
02  Herbal and Alternative Remedies for Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders (Conference), Bangkok
02  Ophthalmology, Optometry and Glaucoma (Conference), Bangkok
02  Global Summit on Heart Diseases (Conference), Bangkok
United Arab Emirates
31  Healthcare Investment MENA (Conference), Dubai
31  Gulfood Manufacturing (Exhibition), Dubai
01  Global Business Forum Africa 2017 (Conference), Dubai
01  Science, Technology and Management 2017 (IRCSTM 2017) (Conference), Dubai
01  Management, Engineering, Science & Technology 2017 (ICMEST 2017) (Conference), Dubai
02  Investors Meet Zone (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
02  Real Estate & Investment Show (IREIS) (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
02  Pakistan Property Exhibition (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
02  Residency & Citizenship Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
05  Innovative Trends in Science, Engineering and Management 2017 (Conference), Dubai
05  Engineering, Management, Technology and Science 2017 (ICEMTS 2017) (Conference), Dubai
06  HR Summit And Expo (Conference), Dubai
07  AccessAbilities Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Dubai
08  Emirates Urological (Conference), Abu Dhabi
08  Couple Therapy (Training), Dubai
09  Paediatric Medical Congress (Conference), Dubai
09  Heart Failure (Conference), Abu Dhabi
10  Excellence in Cardiac Care Congress (Conference), Dubai
10  Middle East Cardiac Anesthesia Update (Conference), Abu Dhabi
13  Digital Transformation Summit (Conference), Abu Dhabi
14  Global Financial Forum (Conference), Dubai
14  HITEC Dubai (Exhibition), Dubai
15  Research Conference on Engineering, Science and Management 2017 (IRCESM 2017) (Conference), Dubai
16  MENA Womens Health Congress (Conference), Dubai
16  Emirates Oncology (Conference), Abu Dhabi
18  Physical Medicine and Rehab (Conference), Dubai
18  Project Management Forum (Conference), Dubai
19  Education Investment MENA (Conference), Dubai
19  EdEx MENA (Exhibition), Dubai
19  Higher Education MENA (Conference), Dubai
20  Joint Reconstruction (Conference), Dubai
21  CEM and Customer Loyalty MENA Summit (Conference), Dubai
24  Middle East North Africa Committee for Research and Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis (MENACTRIMS) Congress (Conference), Dubai
27  World Cancer Convention (Conference), Dubai
27  GPCA Forum (Conference), Dubai
27  Engineering, Technology, Management and Science 2017 (ICETMS 2017) (Conference), Dubai
27  Cancer Diagnostics (Conference), Dubai
28  Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit (Conference), Dubai
28  ShipTech Middle East with Shipping 2030 Middle East (Conference), Dubai
30  Global Vaccines and Vaccination Summit (Conference), Dubai
United Kingdom
31  Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders Europe (Conference), London
31  Data Driven Production North Sea (Conference), Aberdeen
31  Incorporating Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL in BI Systems and Data Warehouses (Training), London
31  Electronic Records Management (ERM) training (Training), London
01  European Steam Turbine Users (Conference), Birmingham
01  BioData World Congress (Conference), Cambridge
02  Ten Steps to Data Quality (Training), London
02  The Logical Data Warehouse - Design, Architecture, and Technology (Training), London
04  Bonfire & Fireworks display in Wimbledon Park (Exhibition), London
05  Cancer (Conference), Liverpool
06  The Geological Society Janet Watson 2017 Meeting (Conference), London
06  RCN Bulletin Jobs Fair (Conference), Nottingham
07  Targeting Cancer: New Developments in Cancer Therapeutics (Webinar), Online
07  Global MilSatCom (and Exhibition) (Conference), London
07  Step to the Top. Are You Board-Ready? (Training), Bristol
07  Insurance Innovators: The Future of General Insurance 2017 (Conference), London
08  Business eXpo Now (Conference), Saltash
08  Realising a Fusion Power Plant (Conference), Oxford
09  Supply Chain Summit 2017 (Conference), London
09  Nursing Children and Young People: Children's Nursing (Conference), Liverpool
09  Event Tech Live 2017 (Conference), London
09  World Congress and Exhibition on Vaccines, Vaccination and Immunization (Conference), Vienna, Austria
10  MENA (Middle East North Africa) Britain Trade Expo 2017 (Conference), London
10  Mobile UX London (Conference), London
13  Executive PA Course (Training), London
13  Neurological Disorders and Stroke (Conference), London
14  Digital Commodities Summit (Conference), London
14  FinTech Europe 2017 (Conference), London
14  CX Europe 2017: Forum For Customer Experience Professionals (Conference), London
14  Implementing Actionable Data Insights – Drive Performance (Conference), London
14  WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit - Digital Marketing (Conference), London
14  International Tidal Energy Summit (Conference), London
14  Offshore Wind Europe 2017 (Conference), London
14  Mastering the Requirements Process (Training), London
14  Accelerate: Aviation 2017 (Conference), London
14  Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability (Conference), London
15  Commercial UAV Show (Exhibition), London
15  Finance for Non-Financial Directors (Training), London
15  The GeoConnect Show (Exhibition), London
15  European Drug Utilisation Research Group (EuroDURG) (Conference), Glasgow
15  Future of Biogas Europe 2017 (Conference), London
15  Pharma Integrates 2017 (Conference), London
15  UK IT Industry Awards 2017 (Conference), London
16  Advanced Email – Maximum Performance, Maximum Impact (Conference), London
16  Dental Care & Advanced Dentistry Congress (Conference), London
16  Responsible Business 2017 (Conference), London
16  CommuniGator vs The Competition (Webinar), This is an online event
18  The Haunted Landscape 2017: Folklore, Ghosts and Witchcraft. (Conference), London
20  Enterprise Data and BI and Analytics Europe 2017 (Conference), London
20  Enterprise Data and Business Intelligence Europe 2017 (Conference), London
20  Europe and its Neighbourhood 2017 (Conference), London
21  Water 2017 (Conference), London
21  War on Cancer 2017 (Conference), London
21  Oncology Clinical Experience (Conference), Leeds
21  ICE Transport Asset Management 2017 (Conference), London
21  Heat Recovery Steam Generator User Group 2017 (Conference), Nottingham
21  Demystifying Local Government Finance for Private Sector & Partners (Conference), London
23  Social Media Results For PR & Comms (Conference), London
23  MoneyLIVE: Private Banking and Wealth Management 2017 (Conference), London
23  The Geological Society 2017 Bryan Lovell Meeting: Mining for the Future (Conference), London
23  Future-Proofing Insurance Marketing & Digital Innovations (Conference), London
23  Biosimilars Europe Congress 2017 (Conference), London
23  The Future of North Sea Oil and Gas 2017 (Conference), London
23  The Institution of Mechanical Engineers' Annual Dinner (Conference), London
27  IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Summit 2017 (Conference), London
27  A Sustainable Food Future 2017 (Conference), London
27  Smart Metering Forum 2017 (Conference), London
27  British Association of Urological Nurses 2017 (Conference), Glasgow
27  Business Architecture: The Foundation for Enterprise Transformation (Training), London
27  Photodynamic Therapy Symposium (Conference), London
27  euroPLX 65 London Pharma Partnering (Conference), London
27  Wellbeing in the Workplace 2017 (Conference), London
27  Mines and Money (Exhibition), London
28  Engaging Employees - Optimising Performance (Conference), London
28  Delivering Benefits from Implementing Change (Training), London
28  Bank of England Inflation Briefing (Conference), Henley-on-Thames
28  MoneyLIVE: The Future of Retail Banking (Conference), London
28  Ophthalmic Drugs (Conference), London
28  Strategic Enterprise Design (Training), London
28  EIC Connect Power, Nuclear and Renewables 2017 (Conference), Liverpool
28  The GIANT Health Event 2017 (Conference), London
28  Nuclear Ventilation 2017 (Conference), Manchester
28  Blockchain Summit (Conference), London
29  LegalWeek Connect: Uniting the Legal Profession (Conference), London
29  AI Tech World (Conference), London
29  The CropTec Show and Arable Farming Conference 2017 (Exhibition), Peterborough
29  Wealth 2.0 (Conference), London
29  TMT World Congress and Awards 2017 (Conference), London
30  Working with Business Processes (Training), London
30  Leadership Strategies for Enterprise Architects (Training), London
30  Psoriasis: from Gene to Clinic (Conference), London
30  Media Leaders Summit 2017 (Conference), London
12  MBSR: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Conference), Irvington
23  Clinical Reviews (Training), Rochester, MN
29  Predictive Analytics World for Business 2017 (Conference), New York City
29  Predictive Analytics World for Business, Financial Services and Healthcare (Conference), New York City
29  eMetrics Summit 2017 (Conference), New York
30  Neuroradiology 2017 (Conference), San Antonio
30  3rd Annual Congress on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs (Conference), San Antonio
30  Lean Startup Week (Conference), San Francisco
30  Advanced Body MRI (Training), Lake Buena Vista
30  Oncology and Cancer Therapeutics (Conference), Chicago
31  Big Data in Precision Medicine (Conference), Washington
01  Endonasal Pituitary and Skull Base Surgery CME (Training), San Francisco
01  Labor and Employment Law Summit (Conference), Chicago
01  Virtual Teams: Managing People Effectively at Multiple Location (Webinar), Fremont
01  unbound Miami (Conference), Miami
01  International Nursing Symposium (Conference), Rochester, MN
02  Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum (Conference), San Diego, CA
02  UCSF Otolaryngology Update 2017 (Conference), San Francisco
02  Human Anatomy and Practical Physiology (Conference), Atlanta, GA
02  World Congress on Embryology and In Vitro Fertilization (Conference), Chicago
02  Dermatology Seminar and Psoriasis Forum (Conference), Las Vegas, NV
02  AAOS/OTA Fractures of the Pelvis and Acetabulum (Training), Rosemont
02  Patient Summit USA (Conference), Philadelphia
02  Board Maintenance of Certification Preparation and Review (Training), Boston
02  Your Organization's Culture: If you Don't Get It Right, Nothing Else Matters (Webinar), Fremont
02  Probiotics Congress (Conference), San Diego, CA
02  Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress: USA (Conference), Philadelphia
02  Improving Your IME Report (Training), Las Vegas
03  FinTech 2017 (Conference), New York
03  AAOS Workers Compensation and Musculoskeletal Injuries (Training), Las Vegas
04  Sleep and Stroke 2017 (Conference), Rochester
06  Genomics Summit 2017 (Conference), New Orleans
06  Global Summit on Dental Surgeons & Dental Nursing (Conference), San Antonio, TX
06  SEG/SPE Workshop: Injection Induced Seismicity (Conference), Dallas
06  Building Business Capability (Conference), Orlando
06  Human Abuse Liability and Abuse-Deterrent Formulations (Conference), Bethesda, MD
06  Congress on World Dentistry (Conference), San Antonio, TX
06  Flu and Emerging Infectious Diseases (Conference), Las Vegas
06  Global Meet on Nanomedicine & Toxicology (Conference), New Orleans, LA
06  Worldwide Infectious Diseases (Conference), New Orleans, LA
06  Clinical & Experimental Cardiology (Conference), Las Vegas, NV
06  Value-Based Strategies for Reimbursement and Formulary Success (Conference), Bethesda, MD
07  Generational Wellness: Engaging the Most Diverse Workforce in History (Webinar), Fremont
07  Latin American Auto Insurance Summit Miami 2017 (Conference), Miami Lake
07  #DMWF North America - Digital Marketing World Forum New York (Conference), New York
07  SAP Conference for Treasury Management 2017 (Conference), Miami
07  Cybersecurity for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry (Conference), The Woodlands
08  Building Your Winning Team (Webinar), Fremont
08  Hematology and Hematological Oncology (Conference), Las Vegas
09  Controversies in Dialysis Access (CiDA) (Conference), San Diego
09  Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2017 (Conference), Orlando
09  Ear, Nose & Throat Congress (Conference), New Orleans, LA
09  Updates in Integrative Medicine and Health (Conference), Wisconsin Dells
09  Small Business Expo 2017 - Atlanta (Conference), Atlanta
09  A New Space Age (Conference), Seattle
09  Geriatric Update for the Primary Care Provider (Training), Rochester
09  Multidisciplinary Update in Breast Disease 2017 (Training), Atlantic Beach
09  International ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Congress (Conference), New Orleans, LA
10  Multidisciplinary Spine Care 2017 (Training), Fernandina Beach
10  Symposium on Sports Medicine 2017 (Training), Rochester
10  How to Conduct an Internal Harassment and Bullying Investigation to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability (Webinar), Fremont
10  Project Management Essentials: The 8 Keys To Bring Every Project In On Time and On Budget (Webinar), Fremont
11  Univeristy Practitioner Workshops (Conference), West Palm Beach
12  Neuroradiology: Practice to Innovation (Conference), Kohala Coast
12  SPTechCon (Conference), Washington, DC
13  Nuclear Plant Digitalization (Conference), Charlotte, NC
13  Anti-Fibrotic Drug Development Summit (AFDD) (Conference), Boston
13  Superbugs & Superdrugs USA (Conference), Iselin
13  UnGagged 2017 (Conference), Las Vegas, NV
13  Data, Evidence and Access Summit 2017 (Conference), Philadelphia
13  EventTech 2017 (Conference), Las Vegas
13  American World Dentistry (Conference), San Antonio, TX
13  Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast 2017 (Conference), Iselin
14  Structure (Conference), San Francisco
14  SAP Mobile Applications for Asset Management (Conference), Atlanta
14  Personalized Medicine (Conference), Boston
14  The Complement-based Drug Development Summit (Conference), Boston
14  Neoantigen Summit (Conference), Boston
14  Microbiome Human Nutrition Summit (Conference), Boston
14  Ship Finance Forum (Conference), New York
14  Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics 2017 (Conference), Houston
14  Digital Asset Management 2017 (Conference), Los Angeles
14  Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit US (Conference), New York
15  Biosimilars North America (Conference), Iselin
16  Pain Medicine Meeting: Leading With Quality (Conference), Lake Buena Vista, FL
16  Insurance Risk North America 2017 (Conference), New York
16  World Fitness Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Atlanta, GA
16  Echocardiography Best Practice in Patient Care and Clinical Trials (Conference), Scottsdale, AZ
16  Lyophilization USA (Conference), Iselin
16  Customer Service Summit 2017 (Conference), New York
16  RegTech Summit for Capital Markets US (Conference), New York
16  Geochemistry (Conference), Atlanta, GA
17  Coronary Artery Disease: Case-Based Learning (Training), Las Vegas
17  Perspectives in Thoracic Oncology (Conference), New York
17  Pain Care for Primary Care (PCPC) West (Training), San Francisco
17  Wrist and Elbow Arthroscopy and Related Procedures (Training), Rosemont
17  Prevention of Diabetes (Conference), Atlanta, GA
19  TeenTech 2017 (Conference), New York
20  6 Most Effective Ways to Deal With Difficult People at Workplace (Webinar), Fremont
27  Oncology Summit (Conference), Atlanta, GA
27  Advancing Collaborative Project Delivery 2017 (Conference), San Francisco
27  International Oncology Summit (Conference), Atlanta, GA
27  Biomarkers and Clinical Research (Conference), Atlanta, GA
28  Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, USA (Conference), San Francisco
28  5 Elements of Effective Communication (Webinar), Fremont
28  Identity and Access Management Summit 2017 (Conference), Las Vegas
28  Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposium (Conference), Orlando
28  Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech (Conference), West Palm Beach
29  Pharmacology and Cell Line Studies (Conference), Atlanta
29  Blockchain Expo North America (Exhibition), Santa Clara
29  Grid Storage Commercialization (Conference), Chicago
29  The Open Mobile Summit 2017 (Conference), San Francisco
30  Insurance IoT USA Summit 2017 (Conference), Chicago
30  Customer Engagement Summit 2017 (Conference), Chicago
30  World Vaccine and Immunotherapy Congress, West Coast (Conference), San Diego
12  XXII World Congress on Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders - IAPRD (Conference), Ho Chi Minh City
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