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May 2018
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02  Sustainable Tourism (Conference), Vienna
21  Vaccine Design, Production & Safety (Conference), Vienna
24  Clinical Nutrition (Conference), Vienna
24  Dentistry and Dental Practice (Conference), Vienna
20  Toronto World Leadership Forum (Conference), Toronto
13  PR: Rising to the Challenge of Turbulent Times - IPRA World Congress 2018 (Conference), Montreal, QC
11  Controversies to Consensus in Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension (CODHy AP) (Conference), Shanghai
07  Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery (Conference), Frankfurt
10  Stress Conference (Conference), Frankfurt
10  World Congress on Breast Cancer (Conference), Frankfurt
10  Stress Conference (Conference), Frankfurt
10  Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (Conference), Frankfurt
10  Oncology Research & Cancer Stem Cells (Conference), Frankfurt
10  Immunology (Conference), Frankfurt
10  World Congress on Breast Cancer (Conference), Frankfurt
14  Energy Storage World Forum & Residential Energy Storage Forum (Conference), Berlin
11  Annual Diabetes Updates (Conference), Athens
11  Middle East Congress on Clinical Nutrition (Conference), Athens
29   International Congress on Occupational Health (ICOH 2018) (Conference), Dublin
23  ICCN - Clinical Neonatology (Conference), Turin
07  Annual Meeting on Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (Conference), Tokyo
07  Biotechnology Meeting (Conference), Tokyo
14  World Heart Congress (Conference), Tokyo
16  Convention on Waste Recycling Reuse (Conference), Tokyo
16  Metabolomics & Systems Biology (Conference), Tokyo
21  Diabetes and its Complications (Conference), Osaka
21  Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders (Conference), Osaka
24  Global Annual Oncologists Meeting (Conference), Osaka
28  World Haematology & Medical Oncology (Conference), Osaka
28  Oculoplastic Surgery and Clinical Ophthalmology (Conference), Osaka
28  Haematology & Medical Oncology (Conference), Osaka
28  Oculoplastic Surgery and Clinical Ophthalmology (Conference), Osaka
28  Congress on Cell and Structural Biology (Conference), Osaka
28  Astronomy 2018 (Conference), Osaka
30  Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (Conference), Osaka
13  Asian Sensory and Consumer Research Symposium (Conference), Kuala Lumpur
28  Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) (Training), Amsterdam
07  Asia Pacific Dental Congress (APDC 2018) (Conference), Manila
14  Midwifery Congress 2018 (Conference), Singapore
14  Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE 2018) (Conference), Singapore
17  Proteomics and Bioinformatics (Conference), Singapore
17  SG-ANZICS Asia Pacific Intensive Care Forum (Conference), Singapore
17  Addictive Disorders and Alcoholism (Conference), Singapore
08  Urban Growth and the Circular Economy (Conference), Alicante
22  Monitoring, Modelling and Management of Water Pollution (Conference), A Coruña
23  Flood and Urban Water Management (Conference), A Coruña
Sri Lanka
03  Women's Studies (WCWS 2018) (Conference), Colombo
16  European Stroke Organisation ​(ESOC 2018) (Conference), Göteborg
28  Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (Conference), Malmo
02  Asia Warehousing Show 2018 (Exhibition), Bangkok
24  Management, Leadership and Governance (Conference), Bangkok
United Arab Emirates
01  Innovative Trends in Science, Engineering and Management 2018 (ICITSEM 2018) (Conference), Dubai
06  Research Conference on Science, Health and Medicine 2018 (IRCSHM 2018) (Conference), Dubai
07  ATC Forum (Exhibition), Dubai
11  Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (ICSTEM 2018) (Conference), Dubai
United Kingdom
02  Africa Financial Services Investment 2018 (Conference), London
14  New Forest Complex Systems 2018 (Conference), Brockenhurst
15  Electronic Records Management (ERM) (Training), London
16  World Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress (Conference), London
24  World Congress & Exhibition on Vascular Surgery (Conference), London
28  Health and Primary Care (Conference), London
04  Advanced PET/CT Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, and Therapy (Conference), Las Vegas
07  Clinical Issues in Primary Care (Training), Waimea, Hawaii
17  Embolization Symposium and Technologies (GEST) (Conference), Miami Beach
21  Nanoscience & Technology – (ICNST-2018) (Conference), New York
21  Industrial Chemistry and Water Treatment (Conference), New York
21  Industrial Chemistry and Water Treatment (Conference), New York
23  Nursing & Midwifery (Conference), New York
25  Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases (Conference), New York
25  World Liver Conference 2018 (Conference), New York
30  Data Driven Drilling & Production 2018 (Conference), Houston
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