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September 2017
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05  LARTC Annual Meeting (Conference), Buenos Aires
31  World Congress on Controversies in BMJD (Conference), Surfers Paradise
01  Innovation as Competition: Australia's Asian Future Summit (Conference), Sydney
04  Chief Data and Analytics Officer Conference 2017 (Conference), Melbourne
04  AFAC17 powered by INTERSHUTZ (Conference), Sydney
13  Australian Smart Lighting Summit (Conference), Melbourne
19  School Growth Planning and Delivery 2017 (Conference), Sydney
26  Measuring and Improving Quality in Learning and Teaching 2017 (Conference), Sydney
19  AgBio Innovate LATAM (Conference), Sao Paulo
07  Globalization and Localization in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (GLoCALL) 2017 (Conference), Brunei
07  The Canada Summit (Conference), Montreal
11  Canadian Frac Sand (Conference), Calgary
13  Shale Water Management 2017 (Conference), Calgary
18  Heart Diseases (Conference), Toronto
18  Heart Diseases (Conference), Toronto
18  Environmental Microbiology and Soil Microbiology (Conference), Toronto
26  National Forum on Patient Experience (Conference), Toronto
26  National Forum on Patient Experience (Conference), Toronto
27  Coal Association of Canada 2017 (Conference), Vancouver
07  FIBO China 2017 (Exhibition), Shanghai
17  ACFE Fraud Conference Asia-Pacific 2017 (Conference), Hong Kong
18  Dental Practice Management and Marketing (Conference), Macau, Hong Kong
18  Optometry and Vision Science (Conference), Macau
19  Testing Expo China - Automotive 2017 (Exhibition), Shanghai
21  Global Experts Meet on Advanced Dentistry and Oral Health (Conference), Macau
Czech Republic
31  Nursing Education (Conference), Prague
01  Parasitology (Conference), Prague
27  UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe (Conference), Prague
06  European Pain Federation (EFIC) 2017 (Conference), Copenhagen
25  Small Animal Veterinary Congress and FECAVA Eurocongress (Conference), Copenhagen
25  Egypt Downstream Summit & Exhibition (Conference), Cairo
25  Egypt Downstream Summit & Exhibition 2017 (Conference), Cairo
06  Neonatology (Conference), Avignon
07  European Bone and Joint Infection Society (Conference), Nantes
19  ESVS Annual Meeting (Conference), Lyon
21  Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 (Conference), Paris
22  Boost the Falcon Experience (Conference), Levallois Perret
27  WATOC 2017 - World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists (Conference), Munich
12  World Drug Safety Congress Europe (Conference), Berlin
13  Clinical and Regulatory Operational Excellence Forum (Conference), Berlin
20  Immuno-Oncology Frontiers (Conference), Berlin
20  Cell and Gene Therapy Europe 2017 (Conference), Berlin
21  Global Precision Medicine and Biomarkers Leaders Summit (Conference), Munich
25  Automotive System Safety (Conference), Berlin
25  Computer Graphics & Animation International Expo 2017 (Conference), Berlin
25  Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology (Conference), Berlin
27  Feed Additives 2017 (Conference), Frankfurt
28  Congress and Expo on Green Energy (Conference), Berlin
28  Medical Devices Sales and Marketing (Conference), Cologne
28  Automobile Engineering (incl Exhibition) (Conference), Berlin
28  Green Energy (and Expo) (Conference), Berlin
Hong Kong
07  FEM APAC Global Mobility Summit (Conference), Hong Kong
18  Global Geotechnical and Water Resource Engineering Summit (Conference), Hong Kong
21  Advanced Dentistry and Oral Health (Conference), Macau
25  SuperRetun Asia (Conference), Hong Kong
08  Pulmonary Pathology Workshop 2017 (Training), Budapest
26  CEM India (Conference), Delhi
28  Mindful Leadership Summit (Conference), Gurugram
17  Human Proteome Organisation World Conference (Conference), Dublin
20  Euro Dentistry Congress (Conference), Dublin
20  Euro Dentistry Congress (Conference), Dublin
21  Datacloud Ireland 2017 (Conference), Dublin
10  FEBS 2017 (Conference), Jerusalem
31  European Congress of Internal Medicine 2017 (Conference), Milano
05  Urban Transport and the Environment (Conference), Rome
06  ICSD 2017 : Sustainable Development (Conference), Rome
06  Safety and Security Engineering (Conference), Rome
09  European Respiratory Society International Congress 2017 (Conference), Milan
12  International Continence Society 2017 Meeting (Conference), Firenze
20  Shaping the Future of Pediatrics (Conference), Rome
27  Defence Exports (Conference), Rome
27  Defence Exports (Conference), Rome
16  The XXIII World Congress of Neurology (Conference), Kyoto
Korea (South)
10  FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017 (Conference), Seoul
17  Ecological Modelling 2017 (Conference), Jeju
25  ITU Telecom World 2017 (Conference), Busan
07  Mexico Summit (Conference), Mexico City
28  Digital Information Processing, Electronics, and Wireless Communications (DIPEWC2017) (Conference), Marrakesh
28  Computing Technology, Information Security and Risk Management (CTISRM2017) (Conference), Marrakesh
28   Computing Technology, Information Security and Risk Management (Conference), Marakkech
04  Data Science for non-Data Scientists (Training), Amsterdam
11  Cloud Master (CloudMASTER®) (Training), Utrecht
11  Echocardiography (Conference), Amsterdam
11  Advanced Nanotechnology (Conference), Amsterdam
14  Hack The Road (Conference), Zandvoort
14  World Congress on Immunology (Conference), Amsterdam
14   Cloud Computing (Training), Breda
16  Certified Cyber Security (CSX) Practitioner (Training), Amsterdam
18  Nanotechnology and Nanoscience (Conference), Amsterdam
18  Women's Health, Gynaecology and Obstetrics. (Conference), Amsterdam
18  Cost Estimating Foundation (Training), Rotterdam
19  Certified Information Professional (CIP) (Training), Amsterdam
20  ISO 31000 Risk Management (Training), Utrecht
25  Identity Management & Access Control (Training), Utrecht
25  Chief Data and Analytics Officer Week (Conference), Amsterdam
26  IEC 61850 Europe 2017 (Conference), Amsterdam
26  Business Process Management (BPM) (Training), Amsterdam
26  Cloud Security (CCSK) (Training), Utrecht
26  Business Process Management (BPM) (Training), Amsterdam
20  Powering Africa: Nigeria (Conference), Abuja
06  Revisión en Reumatología PANLAR Actualizacion en Biosimilares (Training), Lima
12  Global Rubber Conference (Conference), Davao
18  Cancer Biology and Drug Delivery (Conference), Pennsylvania
18  Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (AIPR2017) (Conference), Lodz
18  E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE2017) (Conference), Lodz
12  Modern Vaccines Adjuvants and Delivery Systems 2017 (Conference), Porto
19  Maritime NEVA 2017 (and Conference) (Conference), St Petersburg
03  World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017 (Conference), Singapore
11  World Convention on Recycling and Waste Management (Conference), USA
11  Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine (Conference), Singapore City
11  Smart Grid Technologies (Conference), Singapore
12  Lithium, Cobalt and Nickel Markets and Investment 2017 (Conference), Singapore
25  Political Science, Sociology and International Relations (Conference), Singapore
25  Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Conference), Singapore
25  Education and e-Learning (Conference), Singapore
26  Innovation Labs World 2017 (Conference), Singapore
South Africa
31  China Homelife Fair and China Machinex (Exhibition), Sandton
31  Small Business Expo (Exhibition), Johannesburg
31  Small Business Expo (Exhibition), Johannesburg
31  #BuyaBusiness expo (Exhibition), Johannesburg
05  Solar O&M (Conference), Johannesburg
18  Symposium / ITxpo (Conference), Cape Town
04  Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise Research (Conference), Badajoz
06  European Burns Association Congress (Conference), Barcelona
07  Knowledge Management (Conference), Barcelona
08  Meeting of the European Brain Behaviour Society (EBBS 2017) (Conference), Bilbao
13  Future Music Forum Featuring the London Sync Sessions (Conference), Barcelona
18  Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (Conference), Seville
20  Energy and Sustainability (Conference), Seville
21  Behavioural Safety (Conference), Barcelona
21  Shared Services Centers (Conference), Barcelona
Sri Lanka
07  Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer2017) (Conference), Colombo
21  Social Sciences (ICOSS 2017) (Conference), Colombo
21  Arts and Humanities 2017 (Conference), Colombo
20  ISTQB Foundation Certifieringskurs i test Stockholm (Training), Stockholm
02  Global Perspectives in Esophageal Diseases (Conference), Geneva
13  ESRA Congress 2017 (Conference), Lugano
21  Euro Obesity and Endocrinology Congress (Conference), Zurich
28  ICRS Focus Meeting - Osteoarthritis in Athletes (Conference), Zürich
07  SIMA ASEAN 2017 (Exhibition), Bangkok
14  InternetRetailing Expo ASEAN 2017 (Exhibition), Bangkok
20  Concrete Asia 2017 (and conference) (Exhibition), Nonthaburi
20  BMAM Expo Asia 2017 (Exhibition), Bangkok
28  Last Mile ASEAN (Conference), Bangkok
Trinidad and Tobago
19  Caribbean Building, Construction & Real Estate Exhibition (Exhibition), Port of Spain
20  Food Istanbul Expo 2017 (Conference), Istanbul
10  Nanomaterials: Application & Properties 2017 (Conference), Zatoka, Odessa region
United Arab Emirates
01  Science, Management, Engineering and Technology 2017 (ICSMET 2017) (Conference), Dubai
01  Science, Health and Medicine 2017 (IRCSHM 2017) (Conference), Dubai
10  Applied Science, Management and Technology 2017 (ICASMT 2017) (Conference), Dubai
10  Social Sciences, Humanities & Business 2017 (ICSSHB 2017) (Conference), Dubai
14  Prevention and Control of Infection (Conference), Abu Dhabi
17  Abu Dhabi International Downstream (Conference), Abu Dhabi
18  Telecoms World Middle East (Conference), Dubai
18  International Downstream Summit (Conference), Abu Dhabi
19  Next Generation Computing and Communication Technologies 2017 (ICNGCCT '17) (Conference), Dubai
19  Science, Technology, Engineering and Management 2017 (ICSTEM 2017) (Conference), Dubai
21  Congress of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Conference), Abu Dhabi
25  Natural & Alternative Medicine (Conference), Dubai
25  Global Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting (Conference), Dubai
25  Global Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting (Conference), Dubai
26  Workshop: Asset Integrity - Managing People, Performance, Profitability (Conference), Abu Dhabi
26  Electric Vehicles UAE (Conference), Dubai
27  Global Innovation Summit (Conference), Dubai
27  Smart Parking (Conference), Dubai
27  SPE Workshop: Petroleum Economics (Conference), Dubai
28  International Dentistry Congress (Conference), Dubai
28  World Nurse Practitioner Conference (Conference), Dubai
28  Nurse Practitioner (Conference), Dubai
28  MENA Orthopaedic Congress (Conference), Dubai
29  Pituitary Disease (Conference), Abu Dhabi
30  Point of Care Testing Advances (Conference), Abu Dhabi
United Kingdom
30  IFPA 2017 - International Federation of Placenta Associations Meeting (Conference), Manchester
31  Transport of High Risk Infants (Conference), Oxford
03  The 27th Oxford Offshore Symposium 2017 (Conference), Oxford
04  Foundation Course in UX&UCD (Training), London
05  Fighting Back Against Infectious Diseases (Webinar), Online
05  RCN Bulletin Jobs Fair (Exhibition), Liverpool
06  Aviation Festival 2017 (Conference), London
06  Stress Testing for Insurers (Training), London
06  Clearing and Uncleared Margins: Solutions and Optimisation (Training), London
07  Artificial Intelligence (Conference), London
07  Building Resilience to Geohazards (Conference), London
07  Surgery (Conference), London
11  Meeting of the European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID 2017) (Conference), Edinburgh
11  Maxillofacial Prosthodontics (Conference), Edinburgh
12  The Top 5 Things Every Director Should Know (Conference), Birmingham
12  The Family Office Leadership Summit (Conference), London
12  Engine Leasing Seminar (Conference), London
12  Essentials of Operational Risk (Conference), London
12  Personal Development (Free) (Conference), London
12  Advances in Cellular Therapy (Webinar), Online
12  The European Electronic Bond Trading Forum 2017 (Conference), London
12  Personalising Your Marketing Automation (Webinar), This is an online event
12  Simulation and Modelling 2017 (Conference), Solihull
13  Cyber Security (Conference), London
13  Maritime Salvage & Casualty Response (Conference), London
13  European Financial Information Summit 2017 (Conference), London
14  People Analytics – Value-Adding, Impactful HR (Conference), London
14  The evolution of flooding and flood risk (Conference), London
14  MMI Harrogate (Conference), Harrogate
15  Breast Cancer Forum (Conference), London
16  Certified Cyber Security (CSX) Practitioner (Training), London
18  Digital Workplace Summit (Conference), London
18  Security and Risk Management Summit 2017 (Conference), London
18  Future Rail Infrastructure 2017 (Conference), London
18  Catalyst 2017 (Conference), London
19  Zachman Enterprise Architecture (Training), London
19  Young Leaders Experience (Conference), Birmingham
19  Strategic Decision Making CPD Workshop (Conference), Birmingham
19  Registry Workshop - Preparing for Future Requirements (Conference), London
19  Smart Summit (Conference), London
19  MarketEd.Live: The Annual Marketing Conference (Conference), Derby
19  Bus and Coach Engineering Seminar (Conference), London
19  MedTech Investing Europe (Conference), London
19  Conduct Risk: A Practitioners Guide (Training), London
19  Digital Engagement (Conference), Manchester
19  Deriving Value from Operational Risk Modelling (Conference), London
19  National Housing Federation (and Exhibition) (Conference), Birmingham
19  The Future of Lending (Conference), London
20  IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit 2017 (Conference), London
20  Managing your Information Asset (Training), London
20  Euro Dentistry Congress (Conference), London
20  Crane Safety 2017 (Conference), London
20  Customer Engagement & Experience (Conference), Manchester
20  Cloud Excellence Awards 2017 (Conference), London
20  Microbiome AgBioTech Europe Summit (Conference), London
20  Cloud and Infrastructure Summit 2017 (Conference), London
20  Dysfluency - Challenge and Change (Conference), Oxford
20  Loan Documentation (Training), London
21  Fearless Leadership (Conference), London
21  The Future of Energy Supply 2017 (Conference), London
21  Broker Expo Leeds : Local Networking Exhibition (Exhibition), Leeds
21  Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit Europe (Conference), London
21  Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit Europe (Conference), London
21  Cyber Essentials Fundamentals (Training), London
22  Feast in the Moat at the Tower of London (Conference), London
23  MCM Scotland Comic Con - September (Conference), Glasgow
25  Legal Tech & Innovation Summit (Conference), London
25  CRISPR AgBio Congress Europe (Conference), London
25  Business Analysis Europe 2017 (Conference), London
25  The Geological Society 2017 Fermor Meeting: Factory Earth (Conference), London
25  Business Analysis Europe (Conference), London
25  CommuniGator vs The Competition (Webinar), This is an online event
25  Connected and Automated Vehicle Engineering 2017 (Conference), Birmingham
26  Business Leadership Summit 2017 (Conference), London
26  Genomic Medicine 2017 (Conference), Cambridge
26  UX Certification for Project Managers - Level 1 (Training), London
26  Interplas 2017 (Exhibition), Birmingham
26  TCT Show 2017 (Exhibition), Birmingham
26  Extracellular Vesicles (Conference), Cambridge
26  Business Process Management (BPM) (Training), London
26  Beauty Trends & Innovations (Conference), London
26  R3: Resilience, Response and Recovery 2017 (Conference), London
26  Delivering Onsite Nuclear Projects: On Time and On Budget (Conference), Manchester
27  Quality of Patient Care & Safety 2017 (Conference), London
27  Driving Change (Conference), London
27  Biosimilars and Biobetters 2017 (Conference), London
27  Cancer Vaccines (and Exhibition) (Conference), London
28  Congress on Petroleum Refinery and Safety (Conference), London, UK
28  Symposium of the International Society of Dermatopathology (Conference), Glasgow
28  Petroleum Refinery and Safety Congress (Conference), London
28  Wind & Renewable Energy 2017 (Conference), London
28  Digital Travel Marketing (Conference), London
30  EASL-AASLD Joint Meeting on Alcoholic Liver Disease and Alcoholic Hepatitis (Conference), London
05  HIPAA and Personal Devices (Webinar), Fremont
06  InterDrone (Conference), Las Vegas, NV
06  Global Disaster Relief & Development Summit (Conference), Washington, D.C.
07  Life Science Investor Relations Forum (Conference), Boston
07  Structuring and Auditing Medical Director Arrangements: Key Stark Law Considerations (Webinar), Fremont
07  Neuroscience and Oncology Innovation Summit 2017 (Training), Orlando
07  Succession Planning: It Is Not Just for Emergencies - It is a Leadership Development Strategy (Webinar), Fremont
07  Federle Master Tutorial on Abdominal Imaging (Training), New York City
08  National Hospitalist Conference (Conference), Santa Fe, NM
08  American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) 2017 Annual Congress (Conference), Seattle, WA
08  Fibromyalgia: Clinical Review and Strategies for Managing Your Patients (Training), Bloomington
09  Breast Imaging from A to Z: Read Like (or Better Than.) the Experts (Training), New York
09  Organic Beauty and Wellness Festival (Exhibition), Boca Raton
11  Congress on Endocrine Disorders and Therapies (Conference), Dallas, TX
11  Family Nursing and Healthcare (Conference), San Antonio, TX
11  Pediatrics (Conference), Los Angeles
11  CME Accredited Annual Congress on Neonatal Healthcare (Conference), Los Angeles
11   HR Metrics: A Critical Measurement of the Impact of Human Resources Management (Webinar), Fremont
11  CME Accredited Annual Congress on Neonatal Healthcare (Conference), Los Angeles
11  World Neonatal and Maternal Healthcare Congress (Conference), Los Angeles
11  World Congress on Food and Agricultural Engineering (Conference), San Antonio
11  IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summit 2017 (Conference), Nashville
11  Family Nursing and Healthcare (Conference), San Antonio, TX
11  Agri Engineering 2017 (Conference), San Antonio, TX
12  Imaging in Hawaii (Training), Koloa
12  Pharma CI (with Exhibition) (Exhibition), Parsippany
12  Digital Asset Management 2017 (Conference), Chicago
12  Chief Data Scientist (USA) (Conference), Scottsdale, AZ
12  Forecasting and Minimising Operational Risk Losses (Conference), New York
12  LEAP HR: Financial Services (Conference), New York
13  Argus Americas Petroleum Coke Summit (Conference), The Woodlands
13  CXDC 2017: Leading Change In Public Sector Customer Experience (Conference), Washington, DC
13  Sourcing & Strategic Vendor Relationships Summit 2017 (Conference), Nashville
13  Pancreatic Disorders and Treatment (Conference), Dallas, TX
13  Future of Immersive Leisure (Conference), Las Vegas
13  eSCon USA (Conference), Los Angeles
14  Advanced Emergency Medicine Boot Camp (Training), Arlington, VA
14   What the Heck is GINA and why do I Need to Pay Attention to it? (Webinar), Fremont
14  Safety Labeling and Packaging Summit (Conference), Florham Park
14  BHRT Symposium (Conference), Chicago
14  Small Business Expo 2017 - Los Angeles (Conference), Los Angeles
14  Connecting Communities in Emergency Medicine: Sharing Innovations (Training), Bloomington, IN
14  Opioids (Training), Seattle, WA
14   HR Compliance 101 - for Non HR Managers (Webinar), Fremont
14  Privacy and Security 2017 (Conference), Washington, DC
15  Management of Massive Rotator Cuff Tears: Repair to Replacement (Training), Rosemont
15  Challenges in Worker's Comp Treatment: Solutions for Work Related Injuries (Training), Jacksonville, FL
15  Perspectives in Rheumatic Diseases (Conference), Las Vegas, NV
15   Shadow Payrolls (Webinar), Fremont
17  American College of Clinical Pharmacology Annual Meeting 2017 (Conference), San Diego
18  Unconventional Completions Forum (Conference), Houston, TX
18   How you Should Utilize Employee Engagement Surveys (Webinar), Fremont
18  Innate Immunity and Immune System Diseases (Conference), Jacksonville
18  Global summit & Expo on Vaccines, Immunization & B2B (Conference), Houston, TX
18  Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit (Conference), San Francisco
18  Cancer Biology R&D and Market (Conference), Philadelphia
18  Market Data Training 2017 (Training), New York
18  Innate Immunity and Immune System Diseases (Conference), Jacksonville
19  Artificial Lift (Conference), Houston
19  HIPAA Audits - an Insider Perspective (Webinar), Fremont
19  Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit (Conference), Chicago
19  Identity Theft Basics for the Workplace (Training), Fremont
19  Real-World Analytics Summit 2017 (Conference), Boston, MA
20  Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) 2017 (Conference), San Diego, CA
21  Small Business Expo 2017 - San Diego (Conference), San Diego
21  Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS (Conference), San Antonio, TX
21  Diabetes and Healthcare (Conference), Houston, TX
22   Resident & Non Resident Alien Payroll (Webinar), Fremont
23  Advanced Catheter Ablation (Training), Boston, MA
24  SEG Annual Meeting 2017 (Conference), Houston
24  AACSB Annual Accreditation (Conference), Pittsburgh
25  Drug Development Forum (Conference), Boston
25  World Congress on General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (Conference), Chicago
25  General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (Conference), Chicago
25  World Congress on General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (Conference), Chicago, IL
25  Mayo Clinic Oncology Nursing Review Course (Training), Rochester, MN
25  Influencer Marketing Days (Conference), New York
26   The Future of Work: Challenges and Compliance Issues in the Evolving Workplace (Webinar), Fremont
26  BioPharm America™ 2017 (Conference), Boston
26  World Bispecific Summit (Conference), Boston
26  BioPharm America (Conference), Boston, MA
27  World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) (with Expo) 2017 (Conference), Atlanta
27  Cancer and Immuno Therapeutics Convention (Conference), Chicago, IL
27  Future of Surfactants Summit: North America (Conference), Chicago, IL
27  Current Issues in Cancer Care (Conference), Rochester, MN
27  Medical Biology & Bioengineering (Conference), Chicago
27  Stress Testing: Latest Developments and Best Practice (Conference), New York
27  Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (Conference), New York
28  Finance Disrupted (Conference), New York
28  Understanding Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (Webinar), Fremont
28  Structuring Physician Practice Acquisitions: Key Stark Law Considerations (Webinar), Fremont
28  Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH) (Conference), Garden Grove, CA
28  Latin America Syndicated Loans 2017 (Conference), Miami
28  Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (Conference), Atlanta
28  HIPAA for HR - Some Good News for Employers (Webinar), Fremont
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