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Privacy Policy

Please note that this site requires cookies to be enabled for your browser. However, the cookies we use are only temporary, known as session cookies, and are held in your computer's memory only for as long as you are browsing. They are not permanent, and as soon as you close your browser, these cookies are destroyed.

The cookie does not hold any personal information, just numbers and letters which allows us to determine if you are logged on as a subscriber, plus retaining information in temporary memory in the course of making a purchase. Any personal details that you supply are ONLY retained on our server if you become a subscriber, but we do NOT and will NOT hold a record of any credit card information that you may send as part of any future subscription purchase.

Enabled Javascript is also required for navigation menus and checking you have entered properly formatted data where required for searches and purchasing.

Any information that appears in the listings will, by its very nature, be in the public domain, so we cannot guarantee freedom from spam or unwanted phone calls resulting from others reading the data from these web pages. We will do our best to obfuscate any email addresses displayed in order to reduce this problem.

We guarantee to use our best efforts to prevent others from accessing our data, except as seen displayed on the web pages for which this site is designed.


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