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Business Services
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October 2017
31  The Public Sector EA/PA Forum (Conference), Barton
November 2017
01  Chief Customer Officer (Conference), Sydney
09  Precious Metals Investment Symposium 2017 (Conference), Melbourne
14  How to be a Superwoman: Boosting Financial Literacy and Confidence (Conference), Southbank
20  Women in Marketing Leadership Summit 2017 (Conference), Sydney
20  APS 5-6 High Performance and Leadership 2017 (Conference), Canberra
22  Public Sector Women in Leadership (Conference), Canberra
28  Advancing Public Sector Data Analytics (Conference), Sydney
November 2017
29  Global and European Pricing Forum 2017 (Conference), Brussels
April 2018
19  European Conference on Intangibles and Intellectual Capital (Conference), Mechelen
October 2017
25  Marine Money Brazil Offshore Finance Forum (Conference), Rio de Janeiro
October 2017
29  ACFE Fraud Conference 2017 (Conference), Toronto
May 2018
13  PR: Rising to the Challenge of Turbulent Times - IPRA World Congress 2018 (Conference), Montreal, QC
October 2017
21  Yiwu Fair: International Chinese Commodities Fair (Exhibition), Yiwu
October 2017
05  AllFacebook Marketing (Conference), Berlin
19  Women in Tech Event (Conference), Berlin
November 2017
13  Data Driven Business (Conference), Berlin
27  Supply Chain Management Strategies Summit (Conference), Berlin
July 2018
12  Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies (Conference), Rome
September 2017
25  Chief Data and Analytics Officer Week (Conference), Amsterdam
October 2017
10  International SAP for Professional Services (Conference), Amsterdam
10  Connected Logistics in Cargo (Conference), Amsterdam
12  Management Accounting (Conference), Amsterdam
19  Balanced Scorecard (BSC) (Training), Distance learning
November 2017
22  Benelux Infrastructure Forum (Conference), Amsterdam
New Zealand
November 2017
28  Chief Data and Analytics Officer 2017 (Conference), Auckland
September 2017
26  Innovation Labs World 2017 (Conference), Singapore
30  Malaysia Property Show September 2017 (Exhibition), Singapore
October 2017
25  Millennial 20/20 Asia (Exhibition), Singapore
November 2017
07  Field Service Asia (Conference), Singapore
14  LPG and Petrochemical Feedstocks 2017 (Conference), Singapore
27  Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Conference), Singapore
February 2018
01  TMT Finance Asia 2018 (Conference), Singapore
March 2018
12  Operations Research and Statistics (ORS 2018) (Conference), Singapore
June 2018
11  Accounting and Finance – AF 2018 (Conference), Singapore
South Africa
November 2017
07  AfricaCom: The Largest African Telecoms, Media and Technology Conference (Conference), Cape Town
23  Africa Public Private Partnership (APPP) (Conference), Cape Town
October 2017
03  Optimizing Contact Centres Summit (Conference), Barcelona
03  Customer Experience Management Summit (Conference), Barcelona
November 2017
13  OmniShopper International (Conference), Barcelona
United Arab Emirates
September 2017
26  Product Development Excellence in Banking MENA Summit (Conference), Dubai
26  Workshop: Asset Integrity - Managing People, Performance, Profitability (Conference), Abu Dhabi
October 2017
15  Social Sciences, Humanities, Economics and Education (ICSHEE 2017) (Conference), Dubai
24  Government and Enterprise Asset Management Congress (Conference), Dubai
25  Smart Business Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
25  International Franchise Exhibition 2017 (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
25  Women In Leadership (WIL) Economic Forum (Conference), Dubai
25  India Trade Expo 2017 (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
November 2017
01  Global Business Forum Africa 2017 (Conference), Dubai
02  Investors Meet Zone (Exhibition), Abu Dhabi
14  Global Financial Forum (Conference), Dubai
18  Project Management Forum (Conference), Dubai
28  Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit (Conference), Dubai
December 2017
17  Wire & Cable Arabia (Exhibition), Dubai
April 2018
09  5G MENA: Innovative Technology (Conference), Dubai
United Kingdom
September 2017
25  CommuniGator vs The Competition (Webinar), This is an online event
25  The High Street Conference (Conference), London
25  Business Analysis Europe (Conference), London
26  TunnelTech 2017: Breaking ground in new technologies (Conference), London
26  Business Leadership Summit 2017 (Conference), London
26  R3: Resilience, Response and Recovery 2017 (Conference), London
27  MiFID II Workshop: Technical Challenges and Implementation Strategies (Training), London
29  Data Protection. Are you prepared for the GDPR? (Conference), Watford
October 2017
03  GDPR Latest Update and Live Q&A Webinar (Webinar), This is an online event
03  Role of the Managing Director (Training), London
03  Grow With Facebook Advertising (Conference), Holywood
04  Strategic Merger and Acquisition (Conference), Horley
04  The Future of E-Commerce Delivery 2017 (Conference), London
05  RegTech Summit for Capital Markets (Conference), London
05  Insurance Risk Europe (Conference), London
09  Insurance AI and Analytics Europe 2017 (Conference), London
10  Advanced Negotiation (Training), London
10  Online and Digital Summit 2017 (Conference), London
11  Data Driven Business (Conference), London
11  Business Showcase South West (Conference), Bristol
12  The Future of Lead Generation (Webinar), This is an online event
14  Joey Yap's Feng Shui and Astrology 2018 (Conference), London
16  Enterprise Architecture and BPM Europe 2017 (Conference), London
16  Responsible Business Awards 2017 (Conference), London
17  Chairing Meetings Effectively (Training), London
17  Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit (Conference), London
24  Connected Claims Europe 2017 (Conference), London
November 2017
07  Insurance Innovators: The Future of General Insurance 2017 (Conference), London
08  Business eXpo Now (Conference), Saltash
09  Event Tech Live 2017 (Conference), London
10  MENA (Middle East North Africa) Britain Trade Expo 2017 (Conference), London
13  Executive PA Course (Training), London
14  CX Europe 2017: Forum For Customer Experience Professionals (Conference), London
14  Digital Commodities Summit (Conference), London
15  Finance for Non-Financial Directors (Training), London
16  Responsible Business 2017 (Conference), London
16  CommuniGator vs The Competition (Webinar), This is an online event
20  Enterprise Data and BI and Analytics Europe 2017 (Conference), London
21  Demystifying Local Government Finance for Private Sector & Partners (Conference), London
27  IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Summit 2017 (Conference), London
28  MoneyLIVE: The Future of Retail Banking (Conference), London
28  Bank of England Inflation Briefing (Conference), Henley-on-Thames
29  Wealth 2.0 (Conference), London
29  TMT World Congress and Awards 2017 (Conference), London
December 2017
01  GDPR Latest Update and Live Q&A Webinar (Webinar), This is an online event
07  Creativity 101 – How to turn work into play (Conference), London
January 2018
17  Franchise Now (Exhibition), Sheffield
19  Blockchain Week 2018 (Conference), London
February 2018
08  10 Blots on the Digital Media Landscape that Marketers Should Heed (Conference), London
March 2018
07  How to rise to the challenge of digital disruption (Conference), London
27  World Cyber Security Congress (Conference), London
June 2018
13  Mission Critical Technologies (Conference), London
13  Mission Critical Technologies (Conference), London
July 2018
09  Restructuring of the Global Economy (ROGE) 2018 (Conference), Oxford
October 2018
16  IOSH Managing Safety Course (Training), Southend
September 2017
25  Problem-Solving System Workshop (Conference), Portland, OR
27  Stress Testing: Latest Developments and Best Practice (Conference), New York
27  Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (Conference), New York
28  Latin America Syndicated Loans 2017 (Conference), Miami
October 2017
02  Chief Analytics Officer, Fall (Conference), Boston
03  Small Business Expo 2017 - Austin (Exhibition), Austin
04  Understanding Your Profit & Loss Statement and EBIT/EBITDA (Webinar), Aurora
05  Buy-side Technology North America 2017 (Conference), New York
05  B2B Marketing 2017: Forum For B2B Marketing And Sales Enablement Leaders (Conference), Austin
10  HR Technology (and Exposition) (Conference), Las Vegas, NV
11  CECL 2017 Congress Risk Management (Conference), New York
11  Biggest Little Startup Fair (Conference), Reno
11  Time and Task Management Effectiveness: Working Smarter Every Day (Webinar), Aurora
19  Operational and Enterprise Risk Management Congress (Conference), New York
19  Small Business Expo 2017 - Houston (Conference), Houston
22  Joey Yap's Feng Shui and Astrology 2018 (Conference), New York
23  Back End of Innovation (Conference), Orlando, FL
23  Latin American Retail-Insurance Summit 2017 (Conference), Miami, FL
24  Marketing Summit 2017 (Conference), New York
26  Small Business Expo 2017 - Tampa (Conference), Tampa
26  SERENDIPITY: The Networking Unconference For Women (Conference), San Francisco
29  Predictive Analytics World for Business 2017 (Conference), New York City
29  Predictive Analytics World for Business, Financial Services and Healthcare (Conference), New York City
29  eMetrics Summit 2017 (Conference), New York
30  Lean Startup Week (Conference), San Francisco
November 2017
06  Building Business Capability (Conference), Orlando
07  Latin American Auto Insurance Summit Miami 2017 (Conference), Miami Lake
07  SAP Conference for Treasury Management 2017 (Conference), Miami
09  Small Business Expo 2017 - Atlanta (Conference), Atlanta
09  A New Space Age (Conference), Seattle
14  Digital Asset Management 2017 (Conference), Los Angeles
16  Insurance Risk North America 2017 (Conference), New York
16  RegTech Summit for Capital Markets US (Conference), New York
16  Customer Service Summit 2017 (Conference), New York
27  Advancing Collaborative Project Delivery 2017 (Conference), San Francisco
29  Blockchain Expo North America (Exhibition), Santa Clara
29  The Open Mobile Summit 2017 (Conference), San Francisco
30  Insurance IoT USA Summit 2017 (Conference), Chicago
30  Customer Engagement Summit 2017 (Conference), Chicago
March 2018
05  Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018 (Conference), Washington, DC
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