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Human Resources & Employment
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October 2017
18  Learning & Development 4.0 Seminar (Conference), Brussels
18  HRcoreACADEMY Forum (Conference), Brussels
18  Talent Trends Seminar (Conference), Brussels
Hong Kong
September 2017
07  FEM APAC Global Mobility Summit (Conference), Hong Kong
October 2017
12  Smart Workspace Design Summit (Conference), Amsterdam
November 2017
16  Leadership & Development Summit (Conference), Amsterdam
December 2017
11  Human Resources Management and Professional Development in the Digital Age (Conference), Singapore
Sri Lanka
September 2017
21  Social Sciences (ICOSS 2017) (Conference), Colombo
United Arab Emirates
November 2017
06  HR Summit And Expo (Conference), Dubai
United Kingdom
September 2017
12  Personal Development (Free) (Conference), London
14  People Analytics – Value-Adding, Impactful HR (Conference), London
19  Young Leaders Experience (Conference), Birmingham
27  Driving Change (Conference), London
November 2017
07  Step to the Top. Are You Board-Ready? (Training), Bristol
December 2017
04  CFO Programme (Training), London
April 2018
24  Work 2.0 (Conference), London
July 2017
24  LEAP HR: Life Sciences (Conference), Boston
25  Effective Techniques for Creating and Building Rapport in Business (Webinar), Fremont
27  Key Elements of Culture in Every Business or Organization (Webinar), Fremont
August 2017
01  Managers as Coaches: Yes, You Can Boost Employee Motivation, Engagement and High Performance (Webinar), New York
02  ICE Audits – What All Employers Should Fear? (Webinar), New York
02  No More Excuses! Unleash the Power of Accountable Communication (Webinar), New York
03  The New Managers Toolkit to Instant HR Proficiency (Webinar), Fremont
08  Structuring and Auditing Physician Employment Agreements: Key Stark Law Considerations (Webinar), Fremont
09  What Every Employer Needs to Know About Severance Arrangements (Webinar), New York
09  Excel - Business Intelligence with Power Pivot and Power Query (Webinar), New York
09  How to Conduct Effective Meetings (Webinar), Fremont
09  Un-packaging the new FLSA Overtime Rules (Webinar), New York
10  How to Create Excellence in Your Workforce and Your Organization (Webinar), New York
10  Too Many Flows - How to think about Workflow or Process Flow (Webinar), Fremont
10  Variable Pay: Incentives & Consequences (Webinar), New Hyde Park
11  Overtime California Style (Webinar), Fremont
15  Growing Your Own: The Truth About Employee Development (Webinar), Fremont
15  If it Was not Documented it Did o't Happen: Legal & Effective Discipline & Documentation 2017 (Webinar), Fremont
16  EEO-1 Reporting And Pay Discrimination (Webinar), New Hyde Park
17  Employee Engagement: Keeping your Workforce Motivated to Improve Results (Webinar), Fremont
21  What All Providers Should Know About This Emerging Payment Model (Webinar), Fremont
22  HR Auditing: 2017 Review Of Key Issues (Webinar), New Hyde Park
23  Working with thoroughly Disagreeable, even Dysfunctional Co-workers (Webinar), Fremont
29  A Product of Our Past: Bridging the Generation Gap (Webinar), New York
30  Leadership: Its Nature and Nurture (Webinar), Fremont
30  California Payroll Processing (Webinar), Fremont
September 2017
07  Succession Planning: It Is Not Just for Emergencies - It is a Leadership Development Strategy (Webinar), Fremont
11   HR Metrics: A Critical Measurement of the Impact of Human Resources Management (Webinar), Fremont
14   HR Compliance 101 - for Non HR Managers (Webinar), Fremont
14   What the Heck is GINA and why do I Need to Pay Attention to it? (Webinar), Fremont
15   Shadow Payrolls (Webinar), Fremont
18   How you Should Utilize Employee Engagement Surveys (Webinar), Fremont
19  Identity Theft Basics for the Workplace (Training), Fremont
22   Resident & Non Resident Alien Payroll (Webinar), Fremont
26   The Future of Work: Challenges and Compliance Issues in the Evolving Workplace (Webinar), Fremont
28  Understanding Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (Webinar), Fremont
October 2017
17  LEAP HR: Hospitality (Conference), Orlando
17  LEAP HR: Manufacturing (Conference), Cleveland
November 2017
28  Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech (Conference), West Palm Beach
December 2017
06  National Workers Compensation and Disability (and Expo) (Conference), Las Vegas
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