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Training, listed by country, date and sector. (Click event title for more detail)
August 2017
11  Breast Imaging from A to Z: Read Like (or Better Than!) the Experts (Healthcare), Melbourne
November 2017
14  Clinical NGS Data Analysis Workshop 2017 (Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals), Brussels
October 2017
09  Radiology in the Basque Country (Healthcare), Biarritz
October 2017
02  ICIS Meeting and Annual Teaching Course (Healthcare), Berlin
September 2017
08  Pulmonary Pathology Workshop 2017 (Healthcare), Budapest
October 2017
16  ISTQB® Foundation Exam and Training Course (CTFL) (Education & Training), Dublin
June 2018
27  Federle: Master Tutorial on Abdominal Imaging (Healthcare), Rome
August 2017
15  Cyber Security - Threat Detection (Information Technology), E-learning
15  Master in Cyber Security (Information Technology), E-learning
21  Master in Cyber Security (Information Technology), Amsterdam
September 2017
04  Data Science for non-Data Scientists (Information Technology), Amsterdam
11  Cloud Master (CloudMASTER®) (Information Technology), Utrecht
14   Cloud Computing (Information Technology), Breda
16  Certified Cyber Security (CSX) Practitioner (Information Technology), Amsterdam
18  Cost Estimating Foundation (Financial Services), Rotterdam
19  Certified Information Professional (CIP) (Information Technology), Amsterdam
20  ISO 31000 Risk Management (Information Technology), Utrecht
25  Identity Management & Access Control (Security), Utrecht
26  Business Process Management (BPM) (Information Technology), Amsterdam
26  Cloud Security (CCSK) (Information Technology), Utrecht
26  Business Process Management (BPM) (Information Technology), Amsterdam
October 2017
04  Certified Cost Technician (CCT) (Financial Services), Rotterdam
04  Certified Cost Professional (CCP) (Financial Services), Rotterdam
09  ISO 31000 Risk Management (Financial Services), Amsterdam
23  Cyber Security First Responder (CFR) (Information Technology), Utrecht
November 2017
06   Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) (Information Technology), Utrecht
13   Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) (Financial Services), Amsterdam
15  ISO 31000 Risk Management (Information Technology), Utrecht
27  Data Science for non-Data Scientists (Information Technology), Amsterdam
27  Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) (Information Technology), Den Bosch
27  SABSA Foundation (Information Technology), Amsterdam
December 2017
05  Electronic Records Management (ERM) training (Information Technology), Amsterdam
12  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) (Information Technology), Amsterdam
13   Risk Management: Certified ISO 27005 Risk Manager (Information Technology), Utrecht
February 2018
01   Information Security Management (Mini Master) (Information Technology), Tilburg
September 2017
06  Revisión en Reumatología PANLAR Actualizacion en Biosimilares (Healthcare), Lima
July 2017
25  Internet Marketing Workshop: How To Start A Successful Online Business (Business Services), Singapore
October 2017
10  Energy Storage Reality Check (Energy & Environment), Singapore
April 2018
22  Radiology (Healthcare), Marbella
September 2017
20  ISTQB Foundation Certifieringskurs i test Stockholm (Information Technology), Stockholm
United Arab Emirates
November 2017
08  Couple Therapy (Healthcare), Dubai
December 2017
13  ISN - EMAN Update Course in Nephrology (Healthcare), Dubai
United Kingdom
July 2017
26  International Youth Science Forum (Education & Training), London
August 2017
01  Introduction to Coding (Information Technology), Liverpool
12  Certified Cyber Security (CSX) Practitioner (Information Technology), London
21  Strategy and Marketing Course for Directors (Business Services), London
September 2017
04  Foundation Course in UX&UCD (Marketing, Research & Media), London
06  Stress Testing for Insurers (Business Services), London
06  Clearing and Uncleared Margins: Solutions and Optimisation (Financial Services), London
16  Certified Cyber Security (CSX) Practitioner (Information Technology), London
19  Conduct Risk: A Practitioners Guide (Business Services), London
19  Zachman Enterprise Architecture (Information Technology), London
20  Loan Documentation (Business Services), London
20  Managing your Information Asset (Information Technology), London
21  Cyber Essentials Fundamentals (Business Services), London
26  UX Certification for Project Managers - Level 1 (Information Technology), London
26  Business Process Management (BPM) (Information Technology), London
October 2017
02  Excellence in Pharmacovigilance: Clinical Trials and Post-Marketing (Healthcare), London
03  Role of the Managing Director (Business Services), London
03  Information Management Fundamentals (Information Technology), London
04  Introduction to Oncology and Cancer Treatment (Healthcare), London
05  Designing, Operating and Managing an Enterprise Data Lake (Information Technology), London
05  The Interplay between Pain and Behavioural Medicine (Veterinary), Chester
09  Business-Oriented Data Modelling (Information Technology), London
10  Advanced Negotiation (Business Services), London
10  Haematological Malignancies (Healthcare), London
11  Advanced Data Modelling: Communication, Consistency, and Complexity (Information Technology), London
11  Digital Pharma Multichannel Marketing Boot Camp Europe (Marketing, Research & Media), London
17  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) training (Information Technology), London
31  Incorporating Big Data, Hadoop, and NoSQL in BI Systems and Data Warehouses (Information Technology), London
31  Electronic Records Management (ERM) training (Information Technology), London
November 2017
02  Ten Steps to Data Quality (Information Technology), London
02  The Logical Data Warehouse - Design, Architecture, and Technology (Information Technology), London
07  Step to the Top. Are You Board-Ready? (Human Resources & Employment), Bristol
14  Mastering the Requirements Process (Information Technology), London
15  Finance for Non-Financial Directors (Business Services), London
27  Business Architecture: The Foundation for Enterprise Transformation (Information Technology), London
28  Strategic Enterprise Design (Information Technology), London
28  Delivering Benefits from Implementing Change (Information Technology), London
30  Leadership Strategies for Enterprise Architects (Information Technology), London
30  Working with Business Processes (Information Technology), London
December 2017
04  International Oil Trading (Energy & Environment), London
04  Investment Management Academy (Financial Services), London
04  CFO Programme (Human Resources & Employment), London
11  Aviation Finance (Financial Services), London
February 2018
27  Zachman Enterprise Architecture (Information Technology), London
March 2018
06  Designing, Operating and Managing an Enterprise Data Lake (Information Technology), London
21  Information Management Fundamentals (Information Technology), London
April 2018
17  Mastering the Requirements Process (Information Technology), London
24  Management Strategies for Enterprise Architecture (Information Technology), London
June 2018
07  The Logical Data Warehouse - Design, Architecture, and Technology (Information Technology), London
07  Ten Steps to Data Quality (Information Technology), London
11  Business Architecture: The Foundation for Enterprise Transformation (Information Technology), London
14  Working with Business Processes (Information Technology), London
July 2017
26  Wilderness Medicine (Healthcare), Big Sky, Montana
29  Sleep Workshop (Healthcare), West Palm Beach
31  Superficial Anatomy and Cutaneous Surgery Course (Healthcare), San Diego
August 2017
12  Neurosurgery Updates Symposium 2017 (Healthcare), Ponte Vedra Beach
17  Hematology/Oncology Reviews 2017 (Healthcare), Fernandina Beach, FL
18  Mayo Clinic Approaches to Pediatric Mood and Related Disorders 2017 (Healthcare), Bloomington
22  Physician Assistant Board Review - A comprehensive review for PAs and NPs (Healthcare), Rochester
27  Cardiovascular Review Course for Cardiology Boards and Recertification (Healthcare), Rochester
September 2017
07  Neuroscience and Oncology Innovation Summit 2017 (Healthcare), Orlando
07  Federle Master Tutorial on Abdominal Imaging (Healthcare), New York City
08  Fibromyalgia: Clinical Review and Strategies for Managing Your Patients (Healthcare), Bloomington
09  Breast Imaging from A to Z: Read Like (or Better Than.) the Experts (Healthcare), New York
12  Imaging in Hawaii (Healthcare), Koloa
14  Connecting Communities in Emergency Medicine: Sharing Innovations (Healthcare), Bloomington, IN
14  Advanced Emergency Medicine Boot Camp (Healthcare), Arlington, VA
14  Opioids (Healthcare), Seattle, WA
15  Management of Massive Rotator Cuff Tears: Repair to Replacement (Healthcare), Rosemont
15  Challenges in Worker's Comp Treatment: Solutions for Work Related Injuries (Healthcare), Jacksonville, FL
18  Market Data Training 2017 (Marketing, Research & Media), New York
19  Identity Theft Basics for the Workplace (Human Resources & Employment), Fremont
23  Advanced Catheter Ablation (Healthcare), Boston, MA
25  Mayo Clinic Oncology Nursing Review Course (Healthcare), Rochester, MN
October 2017
06  The Genetics of Heart and Vascular Disease (Healthcare), Charleston, SC
07  North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging (NASCI) (Healthcare), San Antonio
07  Real World Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Dilemmas and Discussion (Healthcare), Minneapolis
08  Echocardiography in Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Symposium (Healthcare), Rochester
12  Breast Imaging from A to Z: How to Read Like (or Better Than!) the Experts (Healthcare), Las Vegas, NV
17  Introduction to Cancer: Focus on Solid Tumors (Healthcare), Newark
19  Updates in Internal Medicine 2017 (Healthcare), Lake Buena Vista
19  Immuno-Oncology: An Introductory Overview (Healthcare), Newark
19  Innovative Techniques: Knee, Hip, and Shoulder Course (Healthcare), Las Vegas
20  Sexual Health Symposium (Healthcare), West Palm Beach
20  Practical Management of Acute Stroke: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Healthcare), Independence, OH
23  Clinical Reviews (Healthcare), Rochester, MN
24  Hematologic Cancers: An Introduction (Healthcare), New Jersey
25  Cases in Echocardiography, CT, and MRI (Healthcare), Napa
27  Clinical Autonomic Quantitation Workshop (Healthcare), Rochester, MN
27  Current Concepts in the Management of the Adult ECMO Patient (Healthcare), Jacksonville
27  Equity and Inclusion in Healthcare (Healthcare), Rochester
November 2017
02  AAOS/OTA Fractures of the Pelvis and Acetabulum (Healthcare), Rosemont
10  Symposium on Sports Medicine 2017 (Healthcare), Rochester
10  Multidisciplinary Spine Care 2017 (Healthcare), Fernandina Beach
17  Wrist and Elbow Arthroscopy and Related Procedures (Healthcare), Rosemont
17  Pain Care for Primary Care (PCPC) West (Healthcare), San Francisco
17  Coronary Artery Disease: Case-Based Learning (Healthcare), Las Vegas
December 2017
06  Original Emergency Medicine Boot Camp (Healthcare), Las Vegas, NV
07  The Heart Beat of Cardiology: Practical Application of Echocardiography (Healthcare), Chicago
08  Dermoscopy and Update on Malignant Melanoma (Healthcare), Scottsdale
18  Echocardiography: Case-Based Approach (Healthcare), Marco Island
January 2018
31  AAOS/AANA/AOSSM Sports Medicine Course (Healthcare), Park City
February 2018
05  Stoller: A Comprehensive Tutorial in Musculoskeletal Imaging (Healthcare), Koloa, Hawaii
March 2018
05  Principles of Pain Management and Palliative Care (Healthcare), Kohala Coast, Hawaii
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